Friday 25 September 2015

Totally Bemused By Dismaland

Ok, so this WAS a fascinating post full of sartorial wit and interesting information but I have had to delete it twice because the photos and text keep jumping around and repeating themselves.

No idea what's going on with it and frankly I'm done trying to sort it!

I suspect Banksy of sabotage ...

So ANYWAY, just so you don't miss out completely (and possibly the lack of words is a blessing anyway).

I went to Dismaland yesterday.

Here are some of the pics:

If you want to know any more about it then may I suggest you GOOGLE IT!

(or I might gather my toys back up at some point and write the damned thing for a third time ;-) )


Mike@Bit About Britain said...

G'wan Sarah - write us about it. Please.

Sarah said...

Ha ha - ok Mike, seeing as you asked so nicely. I will give it another shot but it will have to wait until after the weekend as I'm off to Bristol tonight to see Public Image Ltd (very excited!) and then I have blackberry and apple picking duties tomorrow and a carboot on Sunday. Hopefully I can salvage some of the previous posts.

Kay G. said...

Thank you for showing photos from Dismaland. This is not trendy these days to say this, but I am not a fan of graffiti and simply do not understand the popularity of Banksey. I suppose I am showing my age!
(Understand I have a great love for all things British!)

AGuidingLife said...

Blackberry picking?! Ahhh lols write about that too...I expect a sentence "So I was on my arse inside this bush with thorns all over the outside of me on the inside"

Anyhoo -- I've been seeing photos of this DismaLand on peoples posts on FB and wondering what it was all about and you, my usually little oracle, follow suit and say nada.

Please heal quick from the weekends activities and write it up (again) :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I have never heard of this. I am curious. The pictures are good, but odd. I will Google it...and look forward to your post. Enjoy your weekend.

Sarah said...

I understand where you are coming from Kay. I'm not a fan of random graffiti but there is a huge amount of talent out there and I do think it has a place in the art world. Banksy is very controversial and challenging and it's hard to like or even understand much of his work even if you admire his dedication and determination t share his message.

Lol K, have yo been SPYING on me ;-) - I shall write a fuller post at some point this week and I might even get the photos off the camera to add to it!

It's a fascinating place McGuffy Ann. Sadly it ran for only 5 weeks and the last day was yesterday but I was lucky enough to make it. It's been quite a sensation and brought some life back to a rather sad place in the Lido, hopefully it's just the beginning of a new phase for the area.