Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Curates Egg

It's late, I'm tired and I should really go to bed.

But, as usual, my head is buzzing and I'm pretty sure that I won't sleep until I get the words out whatever they may be.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty highly charged and I've been all over the place.  Nothing much was going right and I was wondering where the next blow was going to fall.

Well, it hasn't, if fact things are evening out a little.

Yesterday I was on the receiving end of possibly THE best chat up line ever, 'been to any ......... jumble sales lately?'  It wasn't successful but it was original so full credit for that!

Miss Mac got great marks for two projects she'd worked really hard on at school.

Master Mac gave me a big hug (the first he'd been able to give me in a week due to his burns).

The cat (Bear of little brain) caught the fuck off great moth flapping around my dining room thus saving me the dilemma of what the hell to do about it.  Spiders, snakes, mice, you name it, I'll deal with it but moths? NO THANK YOU!!!

Big D (son no 1) cooked me the best brunch ever.

And I spoke to my best friend and we understand each other and we are still friends.

It may be the 13th today  but suddenly, I feel pretty lucky.


todd carr said...

moths are freaky.....never understood that powder substance they cover their bodies with.

I'm So Fancy said...

Ah and with time and perspective, everything looks differently doesn't it. Glad to hear it!

Sarah Mac said...

I don't understand anything about them Todd. The way they look, yep, that powder stuff and most of all the way they vibrate and fly AT you. Maybe there is some beauty in them but you'd never get me to look at one of them for long enough to see it.

Me too Fancy. It's so easy to be overwhelmed by things that you lose sight of the good stuff.

Anne said...

Glad to hear you're having a better week this week Sarah!


Nel said...

Excellent. Was your Jumble sale chat up a hottie who was just perusing home baked goods and cast off jumpers before going off to a trendy bar or a member of the local bowling club??

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Anne, things aren't perfect but they are better and the main thing is, I'm dealing with them now.

God Nel, I suspect his spends his time unravelling the cast off jumpers and winding them into balls of wool. :)

Catherine said...

I'm so glad to hear your friend issue has been resolved! It's one thing to be prepared to move on but so nice if you don't have to.

Moths are weird- too erratic.

Don't know if you're up for it but I wrote a little post and you're in it. It's a bit of challenge but nothing you can't handle! Stop by and take a look....

Sarah Mac said...

I'm really glad too Catherine. We aren't exactly where we were before but I think what we may well have is a forever kind of friendship and that makes me pretty happy.

I've just read your post and it's a great idea, I'm definitely up for it, thank you for thinking of me :) x