Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The week that was

It's been a strange kind of week and surely it's lasted far more than 7 days?

I've had my world rocked, my brain turned to spaghetti, lost my mojo, been given flowers, told my toenails are beautiful, been chastised by a bowl of ice cream and jellybeans and confronted by a blast from the past.

I've been reminded of my mortality, dealt with 2nd degree burns, cooked and baked and sat in the sun.

I've tried my hand at fiction, at romance, reason, anger and despair.

I've been reflective and sad, I've looked forward and felt hopeful.

I've wanted to give the world a damn good kick up the backside.

Is it any wonder I'm confused?


Anne said...

That's too bad Sarah. Hope next week is a better one, although this week isn't quite over yet. It might come good. Focus on the positives. I'd love someone to tell me that I've got nice toenails and be chastised by ice cream and jelly beans! LOL

Anne xx

Nel said...

Blimey, you certainly packed a lot into 7 days. I'm glad you got a good quota of jellybeans and ice cream into it thouhg.

Sarah Mac said...

I keep looking at my toenails thinking 'really??' Anne, a bit of a random compliment from a stranger but I'll take my compliments where I can get them. :)

I'd like next week to have a little more of the good and less of the bad and it would be quite nice if it could be a couple of days shorter too if that could be arranged. xx

It does seem to have been a bit of a roller coaster week Nel. Jellybeans and ice cream did brighten it up a little though.

I did make a decision today and that was to work out exactly what I do need to get me back on track and to make it happen. Too much 'woe is me' lately, time to take back some responsibility and start looking forward.

Anonymous said...


You certainly do seem to have had a rollercoaster week, but sometimes we need those to make us sit up and take notice of ourselves, and isn't that exactly what you have done?

I think that the next 7 days will probably be monumentally better than the last 7, I am certainly excited about them seeing as I am jetting off to LA on Sunday to spend a glorious 2 weeks with Steve, and get our new house sorted out and all the packing boxes emptied. No doubt I will be doom and gloom once I return home, but hopefully I will be able to get over that pretty quickly.

Have a wonderful week, and think positive.

Lou :-)

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Lou and wow!!! How exciting, a whole new life and two weeks with your man. Sounds perfect. I hope you find a few minutes here and there to keep us updated.

I'm clinging on to the positives right now and I'm hopeful that the next 7 days WILL bring some good changes in my life. They are there, it's just a question of making them happen. xx

todd carr said...

you should eat more fudge :) I've been trying some fiction writing also, its kinda of difficult. stream of conscious writing is more my speed.

hold on gurl! these weeks have a way of coming at us one after another.

Sarah Mac said...

More fudge is EXACTLY what I need right now Todd.

I'm more the regurgitating what ever happens to be in my mind type which is a little like you with a bit less polish. fiction IS hard.

I'm holding in, riding the storm, hoping for calmer waters soon. x

I'm So Fancy said...

Flowers? Jellybeans? At least there was some major bright spots.