Wednesday, 20 July 2011

“Party Time!!!”

Write On Wednesdays (part 3)

I seem to have got a bit carried away with this weeks WoW.  The prompt was to take a status from FB or Twitter and write the first words that come into your head.

After my first post  there was more I wanted to say so I went back to FB and took another Status and, here we are for part 3 :)

Gill, my apologies for filling up your blog, I can't seem to let this one go and my friends keep posting the perfect follow on status updates!

“Party Time!!!”

The hands on her waist span her around pulling her close to his chest.

What the hell did she mean?  What did she know?  Did she really say that? Suddenly it seemed so important to know.

She could feel the heat from his body burning through the thin fabric of her top.  She inhaled the familiar scent of his aftershave and tasted the faint salt tang of his skin where her lips rested against his neck.

Pulling away from him slightly she looked over her shoulder, past the heaving mass of bodies towards the door, but it was firmly closed.  The woman would be long gone by now taking the answer with her.

She let him lead her through the crowded room, past the band and into the garden lit with fairy lights.  Smokers huddled in the far corner puffing frantically, the air alive with sound of laughter and anticipation.

“Let’s dance baby”, he smiled down at her, his face shone with fun, with laughter, and something else, something she didn’t want to think about right now. 

She shook her head needing some time out, time to breath.  He led her to a bench and sat, elbows on the table, chin resting in his cupped hands. Watching her, trying to guess her thoughts. She seemed so far away right now.

Absentmindedly she stroked the fine wire of the bangle, touching the stone as though it was some kind of talisman.

“What is it with that damned bracelet?” The words burst from him in frustration, forcing her to look at him, to see the hurt in his eyes.

“It’s complicated” she said with a sigh ……..


Alex said...

phew, she didnt want to dance ... i'd call that a lucky escape.

sounds like this story is going to come in installments ... just dont tell anyone i'm reading chic lit!!!!

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, you're secret's safe with me Mr T ;) Although, I could do with a good FB status for the final installment .....