Monday, 1 August 2011

Maybe Rizzo got it Right ........

“Do you know when someone has ‘that thing’ and you can fill it ….”

Well no frankly my cockling friend I don’t ……………

But it got me thinking, do we always say what we mean and more to the point, do we mean what we say?
When I assumed a horrified face and apologised profusely because Gus has just peed on the head of the Yorkshire terrier sniffing his nether regions I lied.  Personally I thought he got what he deserved  delving around there and no, it wasn’t really the first time Gus had peed on another dogs head either.

Yesterday I fell out of my bra, please tell me I’m not the only person that’s happened to???  I was walking through town, it was a hot day so I was just wearing a skimpy vest top and my phone rang.  As I pulled it out of my bag my purse fell out too.  I bent over to pick it up and just literally fell out of the damn thing.

Have you ever thought about modelling?  Well, although in my younger years I was asked that quite a lot I haven’t been asked for a while now and the answer is no, not really.  I did pose for a sculptor once who produced the most beautiful carving of a mermaid, I couldn’t believe it was really me.  Sadly the photos I had seemed to have disappeared over the years.  I’m still pondering that question though after being approached by a buyer from one of labels in a department store.  I don’t think so, if I’d been going to do that I think I might have done it all those years ago.

The children’s school reports thumped through the letter box this week along with huge quantities of forms to fill out, I only hope to god I don’t lose the lot by the end of the 6 weeks holiday!

I’m so proud of my children. It’s been a little tough the last couple of years and yet their reports are pretty damned good.  Ok, Master Mac could try harder in a couple of subjects and Miss Mac may sometimes be a little distracted by interesting gossip during lessons but overall they were great. Doing well, achieving at least the level expected or better, no complaints from me there!

Big D’s PE teacher once remarked that he was an endless source of amusement with his inventive excuses to get out of any kind of physical activity.

Did you know that if you have a problem with an O2 phone you get to see a Guru?  I was a little disappointed at the lack of a long flowing beard, strings of beads and the realisation he didn’t want to hold hands and chant over my phone.  He DID give me a box of chocolates though which I thought was pretty nice.  The phone's still knackered though despite the software update. I’m still getting endless messages telling me I’m out of credit and now the bloody thing wont synch with my email either, I wonder if I’ll get more chocolates if I go back?

I’ve been given a number of things by complete strangers over the years. A four leaf clover last year while I was sitting outside a café in town enjoying a coffee in the sun. I also seem to have one of those faces that make people think I know where I’m going. Rarely a week passes without me being asked for directions. Mostly I haven’t got a clue but I work on the assumption that they are probably just passing through and I do hate to let people down. So far I’ve never seen anyone again and hopefully a few even got to where they wanted to go.

There are so many things floating around my head right now that I can’t seem to form them into coherent posts which is why I’ve taken to rambling.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep.  Maybe it’s the general feeling of being unsettled. I keep having this fantasy of packing up, selling up and moving on. The question is where and why (although that may be TWO questions!).  I don’t know the answer to either.  Would it really be the worse thing I could do?


Anonymous said...

Oh Sarah, you do make me smile....

Let start at the top and work through, seeing as I can't sleep either and my chances of a skype chat with S at this hr are pretty minute seeing as he is entertaining a work friend today (damn and blast).

Do I say what I mean and mean what I say - usually yes, unless I get myself confused, and have a truly amazing blonde moment! I certainly make sure htat I never say anything I don't mean, especially in an arguement - that way I never have to take anything back when tempers have calmed!

I have a bit of a problem at the minute with falling out of my bra - only the one boob though, and always the left one. It would appear after a trip to the docs because i was concerned, that at this middle aged stage of my life, my left boob has decided to grow part way through the month, just to let me know that infact my fertility is not the thing ofth epast that I assumed it to be. Problem is, when it grows it get too big for my bra - Primose Oil helps....lol

Have I ever thought of modelling - Yes I have. Only for make-up though. I did some amateur stuff for a photography club and got offered some professional work for a well known make-up brand - I declined because htey wanted me to go topless - to advertise make-up!!!! less said the better...

I too have received the boys school reports - thankful both very good, although H does have a certain degree of 'lacks concentration' and 'is easily distracted'. Can't complain because both boys are well above expected levels. Daughter has ended her 2nd year at uni with a very strong 2:1 and was apaprnetly literally only a few marks off a 1st. I'm keeping everything crossed for her to have a fantastic final yr, and pull back those extra marks!

I dn't have an O2 phone sadly. I'm with Orange and have to say they have been pretty good, although I hate my blackberry.

No-one asks me for directions - well not that I can remember!

Am also truly fed up with not sleeping, but have decided I need to enbrace it and accept it as a new way of life - eith er that or go and see the doc and get some mega strong sleeping tablets!

Have a good nights non-sleep!

Lou :-) xxx

Alex said...

never fallen out of a bra
kidds reports are great
my t-mobile phone is doing fine(although more than ready for my upgrade in november)
as i live near carol klein every summer we get people asking how to get to glebe cottage :/
As for getting enough sleep ... not sure i ever will

Sarah Mac said...

Lol, BOTH of mine fell out Lou AND I had an audience!!!

Pretty sure that's not the sort of modeling they want me to do unless Wallis have introduced a new line I'm not aware of :), I'm still thinking about it but to be honest, I don't think it's for me.

I love people who say nice things about my children and over all I was pretty happy, fingers crossed for your daugter!

I'm always scared that if I take anything to help me sleep the house will burn down around us (which in turn keeps me awake:) Can't win really so I just endure these periods of insomnia and try not to let it get me down.

Last night actually wasnt too bad compared to many. Hoping your sleep patterns sort themselves out very soon xx

How much sleep is enough for you Alex? :) More than 4 is pretty good going for me right now and Im very glad to hear you've never fallen out of a bra and am resisitng the temptation to ask where you buy yours ;) I'm just letting my phone do it's own thing now and switching it to silent at night so it doesnt wake me up every 20 minutes lol

Alex said...

i'm getting around 6 and the bags under my eyes still grow :(

as for telling you where i buy them, that would be admitting i wear them ;)

however i do recall being an audience for such an occasion when i was around 10 ... i found it hilarious and highly memorable

I'm So Fancy said...

I'm going to fall out of my bra right now in solidarity. There. Done. Now maybe someone will suggest I become a model...

Sarah Mac said...

Hmm, yes, well Alex, my plan is, in future to only share that view with someone I actually want to share it with as apposed to random strangers :)

Lol Fancy, not sure the two things were connected but I appreciate the support (if only my underwear had shown the same consideration) xx

Catherine said...

In my wildest dreams and despite my best efforts I could not fall out of a bra. In all honesty if my rib cage weren't so large I could still wear a junior trainer (and have that cute pink bow in front). Breasts- always wanted them never got them.

If you decide where to go let me know and we'll meet for a vaca! I've been in a traveling mood for months now.

Sarah Mac said...

I'm not exactly over endowed either Catherine. Given the choice I know I'd rather have less than more anyway :)

I remember my first bra with polka dots and a little blue bow, I was sooo proud!

I've been really restless the last few months, it's definitely time to move on and start afresh.

I will keep you posted and who knows, maybe the opportunity to meet up will happen, I'd like that.