Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Ever wondered what motivates you to write?  I do.

Sometimes I lose my momentum and sometimes I just regurgitate every damn thing that's in my head.

I am having a pissed off day.  Definitely a (sa) DILLIGAF!!! day which is why I've stayed at home.  I don't want to inflict myself on anyone else.

I had a crap night with weird mixed up dreams featuring just about anybody and everybody that I'd rather NOT have in my dreams.

I woke up tired and cranky and transferred that onto both my children who probably went off to school hoping that someone else would be here in my place when they get home.  I am staying WELL away from FB today ;)

I read a post that not only made me cry buckets but also made me want to kick myself up the backside for being such a damned self indulgent cow.

I wrote a post for a meme that actually made me laugh when I re-read it. Surely NO ONE could be as bad as I made myself sound?

Sorry Sif, if you do another list next week I'll join in but I'm having a bit of a downer on me today so it's not a good time :)

That bloody cat (Bear of little brain) has, for the second time in a week, crapped behind my TV.  The back door is OPEN, he has a clean litter tray WTF is the MATTER with that animal???

The back door is now closed and he is on the other side of it.  My front room smells of disinfectant and I'm seriously hoping he finds a new family to adopt.  I don't have this problem with the others.  Tilly and Gus would rather explode than make a mess in the house so what is it with that little b*stard?  Answers on a postcard please.

It's a beautiful day here in Somerset, possibly one of the last we will have this year.  I should be out DOING something or at the very least tidying my garden for the winter.

I hung my washing on the new retractable line put up for me by a friend who didn't mind going up a ladder to drill into the wall (I'm not good with heights).  This one that is actually in the sun unlike the one put up years ago which is in the one spot of the garden that never gets sun at any time of the day.  A perfect day for getting all the jeans and heavy stuff done.  Five pairs of jeans and a couple of other things and the effing thing came away from the wall and catapulted my washing across the garden!  To add insult to injury the unit that holds the retracted line whizzed past my face, missing me by inches, scaring the sh*t out of me!

I know what my problem is.  I even know what the answer to my problem is. I also know that before I get there I'll probably carry on having the odd day where I'm a miserable bloody cow and knowing that pisses me off too because that's not really who I am and I hate it.

posting a photo that was
never going to see the light of day
just proves to me that I REALLY don't GAF :)
Maybe you shouldn't wish your life away but sometimes I'd quite like a fast forward button just to get past these days.

Tomorrow is set to be a beautiful day too and I've arrange to go to the beach with a friend.  Being by the sea soothes my soul, empties my mind, makes me whole again.

I can't WAIT until tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow I shall write a post filled with beautiful photos and positive thoughts

All I have to do is survive today!


Sarah Mac said...

and that fact that I've had to edit and re-edit this post about 6 times since publishing it proves to me that I'm really NOT on top of my game today.

Kelloggsville said...

but ...(this may not actually help)...you made me laugh...sorry. But I so recognise myself in there and when you aren't in the middle of it, you can have a little ironic/recognisery laugh but it doesn't help when everything is a pile of poo and you are standing in it (or cleaning it up). Tomorrow is another day Scarlet xxxx

Sarah Mac said...

Ha ha, well I can laugh about it now :) Even my worst days seem to have an element of the ridiculous!

God help that damn cat if he does it again though. xx

Jayne said...

My dog went through a crapping in the house phase in spite of being let out often. It turned out to be a sensitivity to the food she was eating. Now, she costs me a fortune in posh food :))

Enjoy your therapeutic day at the beach!

Claire said...

Aw love, we all have days like that. Sometimes I don't want to even get out of bed. You will have a better day tomorrow and we look forward to hearing your positivity once again. For what it's worth, I love this picture. It looks so peaceful there.

I can't help with cat advice as I am a dog person but I feel your pain. My wee boy poo'd in the bath for the third night in a row. It does my head in! xx

MultipleMum said...

It took me a while to work out what DILLIGAF means but I think I have it now! I hope 'tomorrow' was great! Thanks for Rewinding x