Friday, 2 September 2011

With love from Paper Lace

After my fuckit day yesterday I hit a real downer this morning.  I mean a REAL 'want to find a hole and crawl in to it' downer.

I hardly ever get those.  In general whatever's going on underneath I keep my cool on the surface.

Sometimes you place your trust in people and you get it wrong.  They let you down.  Sometimes they abuse your trust.  Sometimes, well, shit, who knows..........   Maybe sometimes they just really didn't deserve your trust in the first place.

BUT, sometimes, someone will pull out all the stops for you, not because they want something in return, not because they owe you, not because they feel they should but just because..........

Today, The Demon came storming back into my life and restored my faith. So, this post (which will make no sense to anyone else really) is to say THANK YOU. 

Today you did something really special for me, something I didn't expect and something I'll always remember.



todd carr said...

welcome back from Fuckit Day...... I completely have those same days, when the batteries fall outta my remote and the channel is stuck on the Home Shopping channel....I just say Fuckit!

Anonymous said...

I love unexpected good things :-)

Sarah Mac said...

Thanks Todd. Fuckit Day was great. Back to reality was a bit of a slap in the face but the twist in the day made it worthwhile.

Me too Lou :-)