Sunday, 25 September 2011

Listography - Kate Takes 5

Soooo, this weeks listography is - Top 5 celebrities I'd like to go for a beer with.

Well, it's more likely to be a vodka for me than a beer but when I go out I like to have fun, let my hair down, behave badly (preferably in a town far, far away from where I live;).

So, bearing that in mind the 5 celebrities I'd like to join me are:

1. Nicolas Cage because he is just amazing in everything from Captain Corelli's Mandolin to Kick Ass and of course City of Angels (although it did made me cry).

2. Vin Diesel as long as he came as the anti-hero Riddick.  I've had a bit of a DVD fest this weekend and the Chronicles of Riddick were the highlight.  After a few drinks we could play his favorite game ....

3. Alice Cooper - A night out with him would be one to remember and we could swap make up tips, bonus!

4.Dame Judy Dench - because I love her in everything from Shakespeare to the Bond movies and a hell of a lot in between.

5.  Hugh Jackman - Ha ha, do I REALLY need to explain that one??? :)  Ummm, well yes, obviously because he was great in Van Helsing, The Fountain and X-men (although that's not my favorite film) but mostly it's just because he could only get better after a few vodkas (is that POSSIBLE???)


Car said...

nicholas Cage - yes, if he brings Ellanor *swoon* along for a ride

Alice Cooper - if he will sing for me (we missed his recent concert... Something to do with getting old, us not him)

hugh Jackman - so I can tell him how much my late nan had a crush on him (she was 87)

No to the other two ;)

(just had to add my 2c worth ;)

Sarah Mac said...

Maybe afternoon tea with Dame Judy then :)

What wouldn't I give to see Alice Cooper live!!

Have to say, your nan had excellent taste.

Vin Diesel, hmmm, maybe it's just me (a bit like the Martin Clunes thing ....)

Kate said...

1,2 and 3 you are welcome to. 4 and 5 - can I join you?

Sarah Mac said...
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Sarah Mac said...

Dilmma!! Would I be prepared to share Hugh ........

Nel said...

oh yes. Did you see Hugh on Jonathon Ross the other week? He seemed so delicious and.. attainable. I'm sure I could snare him if I bumped into him in Tesco.

Mumma Bunny said...

1, 4 & 5 for me please! I think Dame Judy would be a giggle after the odd tipple or two?

Sarah Mac said...

I missed it Nel, thank god for iplayer!! Ha ha, not if I see him first ;)

I think she would too MB :)

Anne said...

Gidday Sarah! Love your list. Not a huge fan of Nic Cage but love the others. Hubby has seen Alice Cooper twice. He's touring again soon. Great performer. Maybe Rock Chick and Carla should go together?

Anne xx

Kate said...

I enjoyed the diversity of your list