Friday, 14 June 2013

A Photo For Friday

I've been very lax about my photo for Friday series after a very good start (those of you who may have missed my previous efforts may want to catch Miss Mac doing a little Mac yogi or the GIANT hair grips and the tiny elastic bands of even the legend that was my Jaffa Cake box - a personal fav and possibly the pinnacle of my photography success!).

After a frankly AMAZING time last weekend spent mostly lazing in the sun I took a photo of my feet (as you do) and stuck it on Facebook (as ummm, you do .... don't you???) - actually I've made it my cover photo because I was so impressed with my skilz.

I take quite a lot of photos of my feet, some even intentional - and selfies with my legs in them because how else do you get yourself into a selfie without the aid of a mirror? So I thought I could start a brand new series of selfies (obviously I WILL still be doing the odd guest appearance in a random bathroom/public toilet selfe with my foot on the sink - don't panic - I know they have a following ....).

I thought I could call it - 'The View From This End' or 'Crotch Shots' (possibly not that one though - I still have a lot of random hits after mentioning Hogtied JUST THE ONCE!!!) - I could call it 'Foot Fetish Friday' or 'Foot Fotos' (see what I did there???) or 'Digital Digets'  or 'Corns, carbuncles (do you get them on your feet?  What's a carbuncle anyway???) and cracked heels or '  Titillating Toes' (Toetilating?) ...

Or I could just post this one photo, get over it and channel my creative energies into a more worthwhile cause - I am undecided!

Anyway, as I've been pulled up in the past for not giving proper credit I'd just like to say that SA suggested told me I had to post this one on Fudge.

I'm sure you'd all like to thank him ;-)

Oh, and I'll also be linking up a different post with Allison over at Life In A Pink Fibro for the Weekend Rewind so if you want to read my post on 'Lessons' (it's one of my expert guides ;) then follow just follow the link.

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joeh said...

I need a mirror to see my feet. Perhaps a diet is in order.

SlapdashMama said...

Oh my gosh! Get the aloe Vera onto those babies STAT!!!!!

Sarah said...

Lol Joe - try it lying down - i find it works best that way (altho it's helpful to have someone on hand to help you get up again ;)

They are fine NS but they do look bloody odd!

Feisty Cat said...

I am experiencing feet envy.

Your feet look much better than mine. I have a circular tan around my ankles and calluses on the soles. As soon as I am done with this bloody half-marathon training, I am definitely having my toes painted ... and will then proceed to the nearest beach.

Sarah said...

I keep thinking I really should have repainted mine before taking the photo FC - digging your toes in the sand - surely one of life's treasured moments :-)