Friday, 28 June 2013

Knocking The Cup Over

Did I say a couple of weeks ago that life was so good something must be about to go horribly wrong?

I bloody jinxed myself didn't I?

In the last couple of weeks my camera has broken. Lens error which means it won't retract and is apparently unmeandable AND its only a couple of months out of guarantee AND I bought it from bloody Jesspos who went belly up a couple of months ago!

My internet at home has gone from erratic to non existant and so far no one knows why.

Then, to top it all, today I discovered that Whatsapp ( a free messaging app I use quite a lot for some people) has uninstalled itself AGAIN on my phone and won't reinstall as it says its already installed!!!

Bloody technology is out to get me I tell you!

I'm also becoming rather too well known at my local Mambos as I try desperately to keep in touch with the virtual world. I'm half ecpecting them to put a plaque with my name on it on this table.

On the plus side, my house is spotless, I even cleaned the bathroom ceiling this morning with sugar soap and bleach ( which incidentally smells of wee - sugar soap that is NOT my bathroom - that is a toxic mass of competing chemicals, hence I am at the pub breathing in fried food and fag smoke - an easy way to heart disease without actually having to make the effort to actually eat or smoke!).

Not all is bad in my world though. I'm off to the races this weekend which, if the weather is nice should be fun and I'm hopeful that my internet problems will be resolved soon.

Big thanks to Slapdash Mama for pointing me in the direction of the blogger app, sooo much easier!!

Back properly soon (I hope).

Have a great weekend whatever you are up to.

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