Tuesday, 4 June 2013


I think I've mentioned before that I don't really DO the grateful posts.  That's mainly because I am an ungrateful wretch and partly because bitchin' and moanin' posts are so much more fun to both write and read and are far less likely to have you all urging as you read them.

I've just read a post by Slapdash Mama aka NS, aka the OTHER Sarah Mac who has been having a pretty shit time lately what with sick kids and stuff and she sent out the following plea:

"What are you just so effing glad about you have to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS? Tell your old friend. Distract me from my rollercoaster ride of worry/relief/worry/relief/worry/relief. PLEASE DISTRACT ME."

Well, a friend in need is an inspiration for a blog post (or something like that) so I'm taking up the challenge and, casting my mind back as far as yesterday I am going to find at least 5 things to be grateful for and share them here with you and Sarah  so that you too can bask in that happy place that is my life ....

1.  I am grateful that men of a certain age can't run very fast (I could explain that one but I'll leave you to draw your own conclusions ...)

2.  I am grateful that the effing great tyer that rolled down the garden towards me yesterday only knocked me sideways before ploughing through a flowerbed and smashing into my tomato plants rather than flattening me completely leaving me having to explain at A&E why I had tread marks across my face.

3. I am grateful that no one saw me leap up from the decking I was sitting on because I'd forgotten that I'd just washed the deckchairs on it with the power washer and I'd now got a soaking wet bum.

4.  I'm also grateful that no one then saw me immediately sit on the fecking deckchair forgetting (AGAIN!!) that Id just washed them and they were also still soaking wet!

5. Im grateful that the chocolate lab that Gus bounded toward joyfully and started shagging in the park turned out not to be Coco, his bestie and long term shag buddy because Coco has in fact been dead for the last 2 months.

6.  I'm grateful that my friend Lou considers me her 'go to techie person' because it makes me feel loved and useful and that my advice that her SD card is 'totally buggered' (and being that she snapped it in half I'm fairly confident of this diagnosis) was helpful as I have my hammer and chainsaw polished and ready to go should anyone else require any techie help for a reasonable rate or even for free.

7.  I am grateful that when I was messing around with my own SD card (which is coincidently ALSO buggered) that my complete panic when I thought my phone was uploading all my fecking photos to You Tube (and believe me, there are a few on there that are NOT for public consumption) was probably in fact a slight over reaction as I think (I bloody HOPE) it was just updating You Tube.

8.  I'm grateful that no one saw me trying to erect the aforementioned deckchairs (although many may have heard me swearing as I did!) because after 10 minutes of sweating and swearing like a trooper I had achieved this:

bastard thing!

9. ......  Nope, can't think of a 9 but I think 8 things to be grateful for in one day is pretty good going don't you?

Tell me, tell Sarah, tell the world ....

"What are you just so effing glad about you have to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS?


SlapdashMama said...

HAHAHAHA. Oh I love you. You have cheered me up NO END. The fact that you are the go to techie person for your mate is the dead set funniest thing ever. I am sort of assuming that your techie skills are as good as mine. As in, not good at all. Oh thank you NS thank you so much. I am cheered greatly xxx

Sarah said...

Lol NS - Im glad to have brightened your day a little and yes, I'm well known for my techie skills.

I once discovered that while repeatedly punching the speakers on my PC didn't actually make them work, turning them on did. I also colour coded the fuses from my death trap, anchient, fuse box with nail varnish so that I knew which slot to put them back into but unfortunately forgot to colour code the corresponding slots. I also .... you know what? I think I might just write a post about it, drum up a bit of business for my new venture ;-)