Monday, 1 September 2014

Hair Of The Dog

Or, to be more precise ...

The Not So Hairy Arse Of The Shaggy Dog!

Poor old Gussy has an embarrassing problem - actually, he has an embarrassing EXPENSIVE problem!

Gus has an allergy to fleas - I know, SERIOUSLY???  Aren't fleas a right of passage or something for dogs?

Taking of passages, I think he possibly needs his anal glands evacuating again too, deep joy!  Last time the vet did it he kindly showed me all the 'crap' he'd managed to extract - as I urged and nearly threw up on him I'm hoping it's not something he'll ever try to repeat!

Anyway, I've been on holiday!!!  That's another post or two but before I went I bathed and deflead Gus and then sent him off on his own little hols with Grandma and Grampa (aka SD parents).  Gus spends a couple of days a week with them, kind of like canine timeshare and he LOVES it!!

Grandma cooks him fish fingers and shares a rich tea biscuits with him for elevenses and Grandpa takes him hunting and wood chopping and all kinds of exciting boy stuff.

When I picked him up he was feeling a bit sorry for himself (and several pounds heavier too!).  Despite my best efforts he had fleas and has gnawed his bum raw pulling out quite a lot of hair in the process so we are taking a trip to the vets this evening where they will probably give him a flea jab and a course of anti inflammatorys to settle things down and I'll get a huge bill ... lovely ...

I've got SUCH a lot of catching up to do!  It feels like I've hardly been here for weeks blogging or commenting (which is possibly because I haven't!).

Earlier in the holidays SD took me to Welsh Wales - I don't know why I always feel the need to specify that Wales is Welsh but I do.  I mean, it's like a whole other country isn't it (ok, technically it IS a whole other country I KNOW that) but it's like they don't talk English or something ...

Even the ones who DO talk English are completely unfathomable, I seriously can't get my head around the accent and understand what they are saying to me, I just look at them blankly and then look at SD for translation.  I have NO IDEA if they ARE actually taking English or if it's Welsh.

To add to my misery SD insisted that I map read.  SD refuses to have a Sat Nav along with not having a mobile phone ('why can't people just make arrangements and keep to them ...') and prefers to print out directions and maps of where he is going.

Well that's fine except that I'm CRAP at map reading and he KNOWS that.

I warn him that it'll all end in tears, tantrums and maps being thrown on the floor.  He KNOWS that he will have to pull over every few miles, turn the map up the right way and work out where I've sent him and yet he PERSISTS in this torture!!

I'm also hopeless at spotting road signs until after we have sailed past them.

'Look for the A4567' he says, 'we need to turn left there, take the 3rd exit off the roundabout and bear right onto the B1234 for 1/2 a mile before taking the A9384 for 2 miles heading east and then right at the junction of the B4847 and B9474'.

'What?  WHAT???'

I have No bloody idea WHAT he is talking about!

To cap it all they have gone Welsh bloody mad in Welsh Wales and everything is written in both English and Welsh.

Is it any wonder I'm confused?

So now I get Lost in TWO different languages!!

And seriously, it give me the Twmpathau!!!!


joeh said...

I hate map reading, just not in my gene pool.

Holly Hanna, those signs. I don't think that is really a language, I think they are just messing with visitors.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Uh, I know what you mean about the anal gland thing. My cat bad Bobby had a problem that was so ongoing I asked the vet to show me how to do it myself rather than pay every week! Fortunately it never came to that. It comes back from time to time but the only thing which might fix it is an op that might leave him incontinent. I don't think an incontinent cat would work out very well.
Grandpa and Grandma sound ace. I'd be tempted to stay with them myself with all that spoiling going on. No one ever gives me Rich Tea biscuits! xxx