Thursday, 4 September 2014

What A Twit

I've decided to give Twitter another go.

It's been over a year since I stopped being ignored on there and the lovely Kate left a message on this post confirming what I'd suspected just might be true.

Sometimes, I AM a little bit funny!!

I do wonder sometimes.  I mean, I OFTEN say stuff that I think is hilarious but there are times that I feel slightly unappreciated.

I'll say something really witty to SD and then pause ....  No reaction, he just carries on with whatever 'very important' job he's doing.  I'll give him a moment just in case he's ruminating my total genius and then I'll repeat it ...  Still nothing or, even worse, he'll hurrumph and then just carry on ...

'Did you hear what I said?'

'Mmmm ...'

'Don't you think it was funny??'

'Hurrumph ....'

'WTF does HURRUMPH mean .... ???'

'Was I funny ... did you do a SILENT chortle ... I need you to laugh out loud ... show some facial expression ... collapse in a writhing heap of hysterical mirth or SOMETHING!!!'

SD sighs and carries on with the 'very important' job.

I am deflated ... distraught and downcast ...

I am reminded of the time when I convinced myself that I was slightly mad and 6 out of 8 of my friends agreed except in this case it seems that SD does NOT agree with me and in fact I'm not a bit funny (although he may think I'm slightly mad ...).

I ask him what he DOES see in me then.

'Well' he said, 'you make a fantastic crumble ....'


'Your cakes are great too'


'You've got ....  pretty good legs ...??'

I point out that that sounds more like a question than a statement from a man who knows he's sinking fast not to mention that apparently my crumble is fantastic, my cakes are great but my legs only score a 'pretty good' and my personality doesn't even get a mention!

So anyway, I'm going to go and be unappreciated by a more discerning audience for a while, if you want to see what SD's missing then you can find me here.


joeh said...

I never need to explain my humor to Mrs. C She doesn't always think it is funny, but she gets it right away.

BTW your legs are way more than ok.

Sarah said...

Ha ha, thanks Joe :-) - I think SD usually gets my humour he just chooses to ignore sometimes, probably in the hope that I'll start concentrating on something useful or something ...

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Sorry to hear about the cat. Love the title of your blog. And the pictures of Cornwall are great - so you can add that to the list.

Sarah said...

Thanks Mike, Cornwall make it so easy to take great photos.

Brighton Pensioner said...

You're going where?

Good grief, woman, are you mad? Has some weird Cornish thing like a pisky got into you?

Anyway, loved the pics.

Sarah said...

Ha ha, I know, I KNOW BP - I swore I'd never go back there and to be honest, I haven't actually got a clue what's going on (nothing new there then!). Maybe a little Cornish madness has got into me :-)

Feisty Cat said...

Welcome back to the land of Twits. I'm terribly under appreciated at home and on Twitter, but that hasn't stopped me. Yet.

Holly said...

You do have pretty great legs. This sounds like a conversation. Luke and I would have too...just gonna ask him what he sees in me: an angel...massive boobs (massive lie)...now he isn't answering as he is getting the pizza out of the oven, which is a v challenging task requiring concentration...he just said there is nothing else he sees in me as it doesn't get much better than that :(

Sarah said...

FC!!! How lovely to hear from you!! I'm not doing too well so far, just managed the one tweet but I shall persevere :-) xx

Ha ha Holly, Luke sounds very much like SD, I'd just run with it and assume that IS what he sees when he looks at you :-)