Monday, 22 September 2014

Seasons Of Mists

And mellow fruitfulness, or, as Keats wrote to Reynolds from Winchester his letter dated 22nd of September 1819. 

"How beautiful the season is now. How fine the air -- a temperate sharpness about it. Really, without joking, chaste weather -- Dian skies. I never liked stubble-fields so much as now -- aye, better than chilly green of the Spring. Somehow, a stubble plain looks warm, in the same way that some pictures look warm. This struck me so much in my Sunday's walk that I composed upon it." 

Suggesting that this was when perhaps he wrote his Ode To Autumn.

My struggle with the end of Summer is tempered by the gentle days of September.  Days filled with a unique light, wrapping my world in a hazy golden gauze, scenting the air with soft sea breezes, dark ripe berries dripping from hedges and a touch of wood smoke hanging in the air.

Much as I mourn the end of long summer nights, early sunrises and the feel of hot sun on my bare shoulders I am filled with energy and enthusiasm for the positive bounty of fruit that Autumn brings.

SD and I spent many hours picking plums on several occasions over the past few weeks and even then we barely made an impression on the old plum tree which seems to be having a final hurrah, every bough groaning under the weight and the path scattered with fallen fruit.

Altogether we picked around 15lb of plums (that's roughly 7kg in new money) about half of which is now in my freezer and the other half I made into jam

The apples on the Bramley tree have been dropping early for some reason, maybe the perfect weather conditions mean they have ripened early, I'm not sure but I picked up some windfalls the other day and wandered along the hedge in the field nearest to the farm and picked a few blackberries to go with them.

Just enough to make a couple of blackberry and apple crumbles, one for Big D and the lovely L and one for SD's parents.  The real blackberry picking is yet to come and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather (which is forecast) this week so I can spend a couple of evenings getting scratched to pieces as I try to reach the biggest and the best of the fruit which is always just out of reach.

I love this time where the end of summer blends effortlessly into the beginning of Autumn.  The days may be drawing in, the evenings a little chilly but there is still plenty of sunshine to be had and moments where we drop everything and take off for the beach.  Yesterday that meant a trip to Charmouth in west Dorset which forms part of the Jurassic coast where we strolled along the beach to the Soft Rock Cafe and sat drinking coffee looking out to sea:

It also meant a wander around the tiny Rock Follies shop right on the beach which is filled with vintage clothes, a rack of canvas shoes in 'converse corner' and, amongst other things,  this:

Absolutely, I concur  :-)

I don't want the summer to be over but I just can't bring myself to regret September.


Holly said...

This was so beautifully written! And yay for plum jam! I have my freezer full of fruit now, just need to get the cans this weekend - gonna make tonnes of strawberry jam!

joeh said...

Fresh fruit and berries right off the tree and vine, sounds delicious. None of that around my townhouse.

Brighton Pensioner said...

Sarah, you are so right!

Sarah said...

Good luck with the jam Holly, strawberry's a tricky one, I look forward to seeing a post about it :-).

They are Joe, I'm very lucky.

Thanks BP, I think so :-)

Beth said...

I love the looks of the plum jam. You have been busy and you will enjoy it all this winter.

Sarah said...

I'm sure we will Beth, I'm really pleased with it and there is so much that I can share it with friends and family too.

Feisty Cat said...

I have to have one of those plaques (and some of your jam, as well).

K Ville said...

September is my favourite month. It still holds a sniff of summer, and all the best parts of Autumn. My jam hasn't arrived yet. I expect it will do this week, but I'll let you know if I haven't got it by Friday so you can post more. No sod it, just post more now. Ta muchly.

Sarah said...

It would be just perfect for you FC :-) xx

How about I put some in a cake and post the whole thing K? ;-) x