Monday, 18 April 2016

Revealing Myself In The Bathroom!

Ok, so the photos aren't as good as I'd wanted them to be partly because this is a really difficult room to photograph due to lots of corners and two windows throwing shadows and light all over the place and partly because the camera on my phone has thrown in the towel so I borrowed Miss Macs and I can't work out how to focus it.

Anyway, enough excuses!

Remember I said I really wanted this for my bathroom:

But it was out of my price range (because it's a real deal vintage Snap On cabinet)

But I DID have this:

 An oak cabinet picked up on Ebay for a few quid.

WELL ...

After taking it outside and giving it a good sanding to take off the varnish I gave it a coat of undercoat:

Then two coats of gloss paint - added a sticker and voila!

 Yes, that's a Massey Furguson sticker (as in the tractor manufacturer) rather than a Snap On sticker but SD REALLY wanted a Massey cabinet and, as he has helped me so much with my bathroom, I gave in.

I love the bright splash of colour against the grey.

Also - remember this:

The bamboo corner laundry bin that sits next to my bath and is just used as a table.

I still wanted to keep it as it's really useful and it sits there perfectly but it just didn't fit in any more.

I had a kind of a brain storm and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it so that it fitted in with my municipal baths meets work shop style bathroom but I wasn't sure if I could pull it off.

But what was the worst that could happen?

So I took it outside (you know where this is going don't you ...)

Sanded it down lightly - undercoated it:

Gave it a couple of coats of gloss paint and added some stickers ...

 I've no idea where the idea for turning it into an oil drum came from - like I said - a bit of a brain storm I think ...

Anyway, I'm REALLY pleased with the way it turned out although on reflection I think it might have been better to have it say Petroleum because there was enough space but to be honest, it was a bloody nightmare getting those stickers right so maybe not ...

What else ...

Well, there is this:

 A red enamel candlestick holder picked up at our local antiques market for a couple of quid and that candle which SD found in a drawer at the farm which must be 40 odd years old and was once white!

I'm using it as a plug holder - I do have a brass plug for the bath but it's not fitted yet.

And this:

 It's the ring part of a latch for a garden gate that we found in a box of junk at the farm, it's been cleaned up and I'm using it as a towel holder next to the sink.

Then there's this:

 The toolbox drawer shelf unit on the wall next to the sink - I'm still looking for bits and pieces to sit in it but at the moment it houses a few medicine bottles that SD's Dad dug out of the hedge at the farm and a couple of small oil bottles with stoppers that I bought ages ago from a charity shop.

Hanging from it is this:

A metal measuring jug for our toothpaste and brushes.

There's also this:

The oversized clock on the wall is from The Range and was a present from SD - the sign also came from The Range and the tools on the wall are from various antiques shops, Ebay and from the farm.

This is pretty much what you see when you go into my bathroom.

The blue tin tub on the wall is actually from Asda and is supposed to be for cold drinks for BBQ's - it's even got a bottle opener on the side of it!

Under it is this:

Another present from SD - a metal retro calendar with magnets to ring the month and day.

Above the window next to the sink is a hammer which is still in use and so handy when the tool box is up in the shed and you need to put up a picture!

The bathroom IS still a work in progress - I still need to steam punk that mirror and there may be a few other things going up on the wall at some point but for now I'm saying it's done! *

*Mostly because I want to bore you next with my dining room which has been decorated but I still have things I want to do to it ...


joeh said...

Not you typical girly bathroom, but I like it!

Val said...

Wow! I think it's almost too nice to...um...do your business in.

Roan said...

Lovin' this bathroom! More what I would think of as attached to the man cave, but it is awesome!

Sarah said...

I'm not a typical girly Joe ;-)

Thanks Val - I love it. There's so much to look at. No need for loo side reading in my bathroom.

It's definitely got a masculine feel Roan but I've done the whole beach hut, girly and calm thing and I really wanted colour and interest. There is still a little of that with the grey walls and lots of lovely soft aqua and grey towels and some scented candles, it's a real mix up.

Di said...

I LOVE this Sarah! You're certainly not afraid to think outside the box and, as you say, so much to look at! Clever that you turn your hand to so many things as well. I bet you've even got a pair of dungarees :)

Di x

Sarah said...

Thanks Di - SD really surprised me in how he got caught up in the whole thing too and came up with several suggestions. Normally when I suggest stuff like this he gives me that 'WTF are you talking about Sarah' look but not this time! I confess, although I don't have any dungarees I DO have a tank suit (yes, a real life TANK suit for wearing in tanks!) - another 'present' from SD - perfect for dirty jobs in the cold (like digging ditches) and also good for keeping me warm in the beach buggy. I have even been known to wear it to a party ...

Di said...

Snort, you must go to some wild parties :) xx

Sarah said...

Ha ha, I DO Di - funnily enough there is a post coming your way soon about one I went to last weekend! xx

Pili Gomez said...

Your bathroom is cool, Sarah!! And the furniture redo amazing, love that "BP" bamboo bin!

I would love to invite you sharing with us at our new Sweet Inspiration party, live each Friday: http://sweethings.net/sweet-inspiration-link-party-4/

Have a wonderful week!

Sarah said...

Thank you Phili. The BP bin is my favourite thing too! I'd love to share the post. I may give it a bit of a re-write and link up next week :-)

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Aargh! I can't see any of the pics! xxx

Sarah said...

Ahh, yes Emma Kate - I seem to have deleted ALL the photos on my blog - bit of a bugger ... I shall re-write the post at some point and take new photos xx