Thursday, 14 April 2016

What Would YOUR Sheep Name Be

I did mean to post this yesterday but time just got away from me.
 I was pretty impressed by some of the suggestions people had for their sheep name but you CAN'T really be sure what it is for certain without taking the quiz.

So, if you really want to know what your sheep name is then take the quiz below and don't forget to let me know what it is (I have an idea what some of you will get and I'd be interested to see if I was right).


I know you've all been hanging out for this so I've spent the last couple of days putting together a very useful quiz which will help you to determine what your SHEEP name should be.

So, without further ado let's find out what YOUR sheep name would be!

Question no 1.  What's your favourite colour?

a)  Cerulean

b)  Magenta

c)  Ecru

d) Those aren't colours, they are FOOD (you can't catch me out!).

Question no 2.  On a blind date would you rather your date:

a)  Wore a jumper he'd knitted himself.

b)  Drank orange juice and coke mixed in the same glass.

c)  Had big sweat marks under his nylon clad pits and generated enough static from said shirt to power a small sub station.

d)  Was in a different county.

Question no 3.  Whilst on holiday have you ever:

a)  Been head butted and had your nose broken.

b)  Dyed any of your offspring (or yourself) blue.

c)  Been invited by a member of a coven to a ritual burning.

d)  No, but I was once caught cleaning snails with a toothbrush and a hosepipe by my next door neighbour.

Question no 4. If someone handed you a rope and said 'Sort this out and tell me when something's     happening'  would you:

a)  Twirl the rope in your hand whilst looking around waiting for something to happen.

b)  Contemplate your feet as they slowly sink into 12 inches of cow shit.

c)  Make a Macrame hanging pot holder and a few crocheted flowers with it.

d)  Wander off and take a photo of a bush.

If your answers were mostly A's Then your sheep name is EWEnice :

You have a kind heart (although perhaps a wonky nose).  You are often confused by the things that most people take for granted but at least you don't have cow shit between your toes.

If your answers were mostly B's then your sheep name is RAMbo:

You're a bit odd aren't you?  Everybody knows that magenta isn't a real colour, it's a kind of cornmeal porridge thing that you grill (sometimes mispronounced as POLenta).  You often have cow shit between your toes but most people are too busy looking at your blue child to notice.

If your answers were mostly C's then your sheep name is BAAAbra.

You are a well grounded down to earth sort of person.  People turn to you for advice on many matter ranging from laundry tips to energy savings.  Mostly you can't answer them but it doesn't matter as you are always happy to knit them a scarf.

If your answers were mostly D's then your sheep name is EWEgine (or Ewegina)

You are possibly the cleverest of all people!!  Nothing catches you out, you have a mind like a very small planet, possibly even one as large as Uranus (can you tell which answers SD gave yet ...) you are kind to gastropods and shrubs.

If you thought any or all of these questions were silly, pointless or irrelevant then your sheep name is:

BAArba RAMalangadingdong and I do SO hope you have a pleasant day whilst this song plays on a loop in your head :-)

Got a feeling this post is going to go VIRAL! (or at the very least have a slight temperature ...)

Ps. if you have any burning questions and feel that one of my quizzes may help to give you the answers you so crave then please feel free to ask - I have many useful insights and much untapped wisdom that I am always happy to share ...


Di said...

Good grief - I don't fit into any of these apart from the default so that tune is on repeat loop in my head now! Thanks for that :)

Di xx

Sarah said...

Ha ha Di - sadly I fit into ALL of them as they are based on things I've done - not sure what that makes MY sheep name ...

SARN said...

DBBD . . . God knows I'm a mixture all right!!! Thanks for the laugh, as usual. xxx

Polly said...

Hi Sarah, I’ve got a bit behind with reading blogs so I’m doing catch up. I don’t want to miss any of yours – I like what you write - you make me laugh, and I’m keen to see how the bathroom progresses. Thank you for a mention of my Everest post.
I had a Ewbank carpet sweeper, my grandson had never seen anything like it, they all took the p*** out of me when I used it, but it did a great job quickly.
Your posts about your grandmother are lovely. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a herb cutter. When my girls were little I had a mincer, sounded exactly like the one your grandad had, like the one in your cabinet. I actually got my girls to eat liver by mincing it and mixing it with gravy! Sorry but I don’t think I will be trying grandma’s forgotten recipe! Your step by step guide was very funny. Great stuff in your cabinet. I love the pink picture of the boat. You look brilliant, you don’t look 50, 50 is the new 30 .
I like Sam Toft prints too.
Love your packing tips, I think I may have read the one with 80 replies.
Your sheep quiz - I got 1 b, 1 d and 2 don’t knows, I had to look up cerulean
This is turning into a tome, bedtime, will get back to regular visiting x

Val said...

I think I might be the sheep that dares not speak its name.

Sarah said...

Ooo err Sarn, I'm not sure what that make your sheep name Ramewe perhaps ...

Lol, Polly, looks like you've been busy catching up! Thank you for reading back though, I know that sometimes life gets in the way and it would be so much easier to just leave the missed posts so I so appreciate it! I may have to add a few more questions to my quizzes, maybe they need and uneven amount of questions to give a true result (starting to believe my own hype here ;).

I think I may be that sheep too Val ...