Thursday, 7 April 2016

Wookiees and Watches (a re-run)

 So yesterday Sam commented on my post and said she thought she might have been shopping at the wrong Supermarkets.

Well, it got me thinking ...  I've written quite a few posts about my shopping experiences. From the perils of buying control pants to the scourge of the self checkout and a few in between.

So anyway, I thought, why not re-post them (partly because my camera on my pone has completely given up the ghost now so until I get a new one I can't show you my complete bathroom - yes, I said COMPLETE!!!).

I am a bit of a liability when it comes to shopping, I can't really deny it and I'm very pleased to say that I seem to have passed this talent on to my daughter.

See  for yourself ...


Wookiees and Watches 

God, those FB quizzes!!!

Do you get sucked in???

I DO ... occasionally ... sometimes ... when I'm bored ... hardly ever!!

So one of my 'friends' did one about how many children were you meant to have and I gave it a go.

I got 15!!!

FIFTEEN for god's sake - I practically FELT my uterus wince!

I moved on pretty quickly to 'What Kind Of Alien Are You?' because frankly, that seemed less scary and guess what I got??

You got: Wookiee

You’re cool and unpretentious, and extremely loyal to your friends and family. You have a lot of talents, and you’re generally a helpful person to have around.


Seriously, I've written many MANY post about how helpful I am, I even titled one 'Sarah Helps Out' and then there was this one 'Helpful (Oh Yes I Am)' and, as you know, there are LOADS of other examples on this blog of just how helpful I am!

(obviously I am FAR too unpretentious to link to them though ....)

And then check THIS out and tell me those FB quizzes don't know what they are talking about!

I went into Boots the other day with Miss Mac as she wanted some photos from her phone printed out to go in the year book she is putting together as a reminder of her school days.

Standing at the counter waiting to be served I glanced over at the next till where a very young lad, tall and skinny, was serving someone.

I nudged Miss Mac and whispered:

'Have you SEEN the size of his watch?'

(It was HUGE - like about 3" across and it looked even bigger on his skinny wrist).

Miss Mac looked a little startled and frowned at me.

'Look' I said, 'it's MASSIVE - why would you want one that big?'.

She continued to look puzzled and, to be honest, just a little scared.

'L O O K  A T  I T'   I insisted - I've never seen one that big before - just LOOK at it!'

She shrugged and leaned over the counter and stared at his nether regions.

'What are you DOING' I hissed pulling her back.

'I'm looking at his cro ....

'WATCH - I told you to look at his WATCH!!!'


joeh said...

Crotch...watch, easy mistake.

I'd be curious, how many minutes before you both stopped laughing?

You might just be the UK Lucille Ball...i mean that in a nice way.

Val said...

I think you have enough talent for embarrassing your offspring to go around...even if you DID have 15 kids.

Sarah said...

You could be right Joe (Oh, and it STILL makes me laugh).

Why thank you Val (I think ...)

SARN said...

I come over to your blog because it's ALWAYS entertaining . . . but you really made me LAUGH OUT LOUD with the crotch/watch thing. You are a blast.

Oh, and my names is SARN (as in an abbreviation for Sandra . . . although I would rather have been called Samantha!)

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

Sorry Sarn, spell checker changes your name ever time and I must have missed it this time! Glad I made you smile, I have several other shopping posts that might get a re-run. Not sure what it is about public places that makes me say and do 'things' (and seemingly Miss Mac suffers the same affliction ...) xxx