Thursday 26 April 2012

You Left Footprints ...

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints on your heart." - Eleanor Roosevelt

A close friend of mine posted this quote on Face Book today.

It's a quote I've heard many times before and it's true.

I know I'm lucky in my friends.

I know that I probably have more than my quota of people that I can absolutely rely on to be there  day or night, whatever the circumstances.

Who will, without question, be, do, say whatever it is that I need.

A few weeks ago I was having a really rough day.

I had a call from my favourite Mr O who picked up that I was in a pretty low place.

After we spoke I got a text from him simply saying, 'pack for the beach, I'll be with you in about an hour and a half'.

It was mid week.  The children were at school. He had taken the day off because HE had things to do and yet ...

He got on his bike (a Kawasaki VN1500 Classic FL Tourer - lots of lovely rumbles and bangs ;) rode for an hour and a half - took me to the beach and then, later, when the children were home and sorted we went for a ride across the top of the Blackdown hills and sat in a beautiful pub garden overlooking a valley and watched the sunset.

He leaves a footprint ...

Surfer Dude has been a constant in my life lately.  We have been friends for oh, sooo long.  These last few months I really have struggled to make sense of anything much and he's been there.  He's held my hand, he's wiped away my tears.  He's run me a bath and sat (with his back turned) while I soak trying to get some warmth back into my body.

He leaves a footprint ...

Other friends, call me, text me, meet up with me whenever they are able.  They tell me they care in so many ways.

They leave footprints ...

I don't want this to become an emo post, it's a positive post to remind me that I'm blessed with the very best of friends.  Friends who would do anything for me as I would for them.

But in every heart there are those empty foot prints, an indelible imprint impervious to the ebb and flow of the tide.

Sometimes, whilst someone may walk out of your life their footprint remains.

You left footprints ...


A.K. Knight said...

I love the word "emo." It is funny and descriptive, a perfect combination.

You are blessed. My guess is that YOU are an excellent friend to others; that is why you attract the good ones.


AGuidingLife said...

funny how the footprints of those who have left seem to sit deeper than those who are still there making their mark. Wish I could appreciate those with me more than I miss those that aren't.

Anonymous said...

sending you a virtual hug :) the footprints from those who leave do leave a mark and hurt, but if you can release them and wish them well on their journey, you will, in time, find that the pain will go.

E. said...

How great it is that you have such awesome friends. I don't think it's an emo post at all.

Sarah said...

'Emo' and, 'I shit you not' FC - both stolen from my Aussie blog buddies (and in return I give them gurning and numpty ;).

I hope I'm a good friend although there has been far more taking than giving lately.

I wish too K.

Thank you LHW - I'm really trying so hard to do that. Maybe one day I'll be able to.

The absolute best of friends E (and most of them didn't even get a mention).