Wednesday 29 February 2012

Is It Time?

Yesterday I wrote a post - as I'd predicted I took it down again.

I'm not sure that anyone even read it.

It was a heartfelt post, the underlying subtext was about something that had touched me profoundly, something I couldn't let go of.

Something that I'll  always carry with me, not through choice but because, well, that's just the way things are.

Yesterday marked  very important anniversary for me.

It was the anniversary of the day I gave myself completely, emotionally,  physically, TOTALLY to someone else.

Today it's time to let go... I know that.

Time to cherish the true memories and to stop creating new unhappy ones that threaten to drown them out.

I'll always have them and I'm grateful for that (even though there have been many, MANY times when I wished they didn't exist).

I've talked a lot about Surfer Dude recently.  I know it hasn't escaped your notice :).

We have been friends for more than half my life.

We ran with the same crowd back in the good days and we had SO much fun!

Our lives have drifted apart and been drawn back together many times over the years.

There has always been a spark which, for one reason or another, has never been ignited.

One thing the past few months have taught me is that I don't need to have a man in my life.  I CERTAINLY don't need the wrong man in my life.

I've had some fun, I've had some flirting.  I've had my self esteem boosted and I've had my fingers burnt just a little too.

One thing I haven't done is give myself to someone again, not in any meaningful way.

I've actually felt pretty heartless at the way nothing much seems to have touched me.

Phone me, don't phone me, it's all the same to me and I probably won't even give it a second thought ...

See, heartless!

Well, that's not me and it's certainly not the me I want to become so I stopped and I concentrated on the things that really DO matter to me.

My children first and foremost and my friends.

I may have said (somewhat melodramatically) a while ago that Surfer Dude saved my life just before Christmas..

You know what?

It wasn't actually that melodramatic and if he didn't save my life he certainly saved my sanity (although you may beg to differ;).

Surfer Dude, Jon and I went out a few weeks ago and while we were there Jon took some photos.

He emailed them to me (you've seen a couple).

One you haven't seen is Surfer Dude and I together.  I've promised that I won't use any of his photos on here so I'm not going to but ...

Well, in the photo I'm smiling.  I'm looking at Surfer Dude and I look like I'm about to say something.

Surfer Dude is just looking at me ...

I joked about it. 'You look like you're about to kiss me ;)'.

'I wanted to ......' 

(So yes Joe, you may be a Cranky Old Man but you're a pretty clever one too!)

We didn't mention it again and I know that he won't unless I do.  We've carried on much as before but something subtle has changed inside me.

Surfer Dude is not, could not, and would never be anyones second best.  Anyones consolation prize. Anyones 'good enough'.

He is kind, thoughtful, gentle, perceptive, fun  ...  Oh, I could go on and on!

He's so laid back, he doesn't DO drama (but he seems to deal with mine pretty well;).

He brings me down to a good place.

He's a free spirit but it seems he wants to tether his balloon to mine ...

So I ask again ...

Is It Time?

Tuesday 28 February 2012

WoW - Expectation

Write On Wednesdays

The Write on Wednesday Spark: Small expectations As I am thinking about education and learning, kindergarten and university, I have taken this week's writing exercise from one of my early childhood books. It is an activity I do with small children and one that always inspires so I thought it would be fun to see what the exercise inspires in adults. So, your prompt is: Imagine yourself as tiny as your thumb.Where would you live? What would you do?

This is a follow on from last week:  Where the words fade with the sunset she hopes that sunrise might bring the answers. Inspired very much by Gills comment suggesting the story could follow a similar theme to Chocolat (one of my favorite book!) a mixture of realism and magic.  Thank you Gill :).  Also taking elements of the Rock Chick story both past and present. How much is real and how much magic? ...  Well, I'm not really sure ...


Mist stole low across the sea touching her with damp, icy fingers.  Mingling with her frosted breath and caressing her frozen lips.

Drops of moisture clung and crystalised on every curl like a bridal veil of diamonds.

She made her way to the place where the sun rose.

So sure it was the place of answers, and, that those answers would bring with them a new dawning in her consciousness.
The rock was smooth and cold to the touch.  Hidden deep within were memories of basking in the sun.

She sat, head bowed, waiting patiently for the warmth to envelope her, to unfreeze her heart.

To set her free.

For life to be jolted into movement. For colour to seep back into her world.

But, in that moment of stillness, as the stars began to fade and the sky was tinged with pink she finally understood her smallness, her insignificance.

There was no escape from  the touch that had left it's imprint on her soul, the scent that permeated her skin and the essence that lingered deep in her heart.

The power to unlock the magic of the rock wasn't in her.

She glanced over her shoulder at the reflection of her soul standing in shadow.

Knowing, that whilst his back remained turned, she would forever be in shade.

Monday 27 February 2012

Because Sh*t Happens ...

'I brought this in for Miss Mac' I said sliding the bag across the reception desk.

The school receptionist looked at me, I looked at her and then, for a few moments, we both silently contemplated the bag of gently steaming dog shit on the desk in front of us.

'Tough morning?' she enquired sympathetically?

'Oh like you WOULDN'T believe' I burst out so incredibly grateful for a listening ear.

'First of all there was the accident with the potato farl which was entirely Big D's fault for stealing half my breakfast but then, who knew drop kicking a potato farl could inflict that kind of injury? I mean I know it was frozen and all that but SO much blood'.

'Then, on the way here, Gus decided to take a crap in the open driveway of a house where the family had  (up until that point) appeared to be enjoying a late breakfast and I had to stand there grinning inanely like the Cheshire bloody cat waving poo bags to indicate my willingness to clean up after my disgusting animal while he grunted and groaned tottering about leaving a line of little turds in his wake' .

'And of course, I didn't slept well last night because I couldn't get the vision of that evil goat out of my head and then when I did doze off ....'

I trailed off realising I'd mistaken weary resignation for sympathy.

'Well umm, I'll just take this then shall I and ummm .... leave?' I said and, with enormous dignity I picked up my bag of shit and made my way to the door.

'Oh Mrs Mac' she called sweetly, 'aren't you forgetting something?'

Ah ...

I walked back to the desk and replaced the bag of dog shit with the bag I was still clutching in my other hand containing a clean shirt and underwear for Miss Mac (chocolate milkshake related incident at break time).

I like to think I generally have a fairly GOOD relationship with my children's school (quickly skipping over both the Pimms episode and the time I declared I was dying in a field of daffodils!) and it's beyond me why my children feel the need to constantly stand out from the crowd!

School assemblies and open evenings seem to be the times when they shine the most.

More than 20 years on and the wailing of Big D can still be heard in the corridors completely drowning out Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer as he bawled, 'Don't wanna be a reindeer in tights - wanna wear trousers like a BIG boy!!!'

I've always suspected my children may have hidden musical ability so, when Miss Mac expressed an interest in leaning the guitar one was purchased and lessons were signed up for.

A few weeks later she proudly announced that she and a friend would be taking part in a sharing assembly.

'Umm, ok, but haven't you only had a couple of lessons?' I asked.

'We've been practising LOADS' she smiled.

Clearly she was a child prodigy (something I had long suspected!).

I took my place in the very centre of the front row.

Plink, plink, plink, plink ....

I looked around proudly as they warmed up.

Plink, plink, plink plink, plunk!

Plink, plink, plink plink, plunk!

Plink, plink, plink plink, plunk!

This went on for some time....

I looked around encouragingly at the other parents.

plink, plink, plunk, plink.

plink, plink, plunk, plink.

I bit the inside of my cheek and dug my nails into my leg.

My eyes started to water.

 I gulped really hard and then ....

I snorted like a pig!!!

plink, plink, plinkety, plunk ...

Would this NEVER end???

Three of the LONGEST hours later (ok, it was probably only about 4 minutes in reality but it FELT like three hours!) they paused and the teacher, god bless her soul, rushed over to the girls and congratulated them totally straight faced on a wonderful performance whilst fortunately the over enthusiastic clapping of the crowd drowned out this proud mothers howls of hysterical mirth.

Unfortunately all this praise went slightly to the head of the other little girl who eagerly announced.

'We know another song!'

Sunday 26 February 2012

Sarah Helps Out ...

Surfer Dude : suspiciously -   'Are you taking photos again?'

Me: innocently -   'Noooo....  I'm HELPING!'

SD: with exagerated patience -  'It would really 'help' if you got down off that f*cking ladder and STOPPED taking photos!'

Ok, so I was up a ladder in a barn hanging precariously out of the window taking photos because   ...

The way the light was catching this tree against
 the sky was JUST beautiful!

When Surfer Dude suggested a day at the farm yesterday I jumped at the chance (how much do I LOVE the smell of cow shit :).

When he said 'dress for getting dirty there's work to do' obviously I assumed we would be strolling around picking up the odd free range egg or two (preferably sans chicken shit) before sitting on the lawn eating cream teas ....

When SD took one look at me and chucked me a pair of overalls I protested.

I do NOT do orange!

After a lot of pouting (which he ignored) I was persuaded to at least change out of my boots and into a pair of trainers (only 2 sizes too big!)

Unfortunately that did highlighted the fact that I'd pinched a pair of Miss Macs jeans which were a little on the short side for me.

I declined the offer of 'a pair of long socks so I could tuck them in' ... seriously SD?

On what planet was I EVER going to do that? (sigh ... picture it if you must ... ;).

So I rolled the jeans up bovver girl style - well least, I like to think that's how it looked but I suspect I just looked ridiculous and I got stuck in!

Me: 'SD, I have cobwebs in my haaayer'.

Me: SD, I don't think the goat likes me much.

Me:  SD, the goat is giving me the evil eye.

Me: SD, when a goat puts it head down and paws the ground, what does it mean?

Me:  SD, the fucking goat is CHASING me!!!

SD: 'Sarah, I am up a fucking ladder, I have cobwebs in MY hair and I am trying to fit this window.

Will you STOP taking photos, playing with the fucking goat and whinging and hold the bottom of the fucking ladder!!!'

(I'm pretty sure that level of bad language was TOTALLY unneccessary ....)

When I'd finished 'helping' fit the window I looked around expectantly.

Me: 'Is it time for the cream tea now?'

SD: 'pick up the Devon and follow me'

Devon?  As in Devonshire cream tea???

Hmmm, not quite ...

THIS is a Devon!

To be continued ....

Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday mocha beanie mummy

Friday 24 February 2012

Feel Free ...

Today was always going to be difficult.

I watched it creeping closer and closer.  I stopped trying to ignore it and decided to just let it happen.  To let it wash over me and pass.

Yesterday however was Big D's birthday (am I really the mother of a 28 year old??  Surely not!). 

He and the lovely L came over for dinner and I made the chocolatiest cake (and yes, that IS a real word ;) with chocolate butter cream and chocolate ganache.

As you can see, like most of my cakes it looks like its been decorated by a 4 year old (and I've always been called artistic ... :)

BUT, bloody hell, it tasted GOOOOD!!!

So, yesterday was a good day filled with love and laughter and lots of food (lots and LOTS of food!).

And I thought, 'I'm ok, I can handle today'.

And mostly I was!

It started ok.  Once the Mac's went off to school Gus and I went for a long walk.

Then I came home and got stuck in.  Cleaning, washing, stripping beds.  The sun was shining and the washing was blowing on the line.

Anything to keep me busy and not give me time to think, and it's pretty much worked.  I'm running, not hiding. Surfing the pain and trying really hard to look ahead (well, apart from small moments of reflection and indulgence, but I can forgive myself that).

I was OK!!!

And then, about an hour ago, I logged into my email and it all came crashing down.

You may remember a post last week sometime where I mentioned that I'd removed someone from my friends list on FB?

Sadly that wasn't the end to it that I'd hoped it would be.

There have been lots of texts and emails, which, after answering the first couple I have ignored because there really isn't anything left to say.

They ranged from apologies (accepted, but you still ain't back on my friends list!)

Upset and angry (get over it, you were the one who fucked up ok?)  to, the latest one tonight which, well I'm not really sure what you would call it ...

I'm left wondering how I managed to so completely misjudge someone.

I've known this person for the best part of 2 years and yet I now feel that I couldn't have know him at all.

Underneath my anger there is a huge sense of disappointment and sadness as well as shock at the way things have so abruptly changed direction. Today was a day when I really didn't need reminding how fragile I can feel.

I THOUGHT we were friends dammit!!!

Last year I took part in the 'I heart my body' campaign.  It was and is something I believe very strongly in and a lot of women (myself included) found it liberating to talk about and even publish photos of the positive aspects of our bodies.

I took quite a few photos, mostly never destined to be published for one reason or another.

All I considered to be tasteful and within the spirit of the campaign.

One story that was published by a very brave blogger told how she had sent a very slightly risque photo to someone she had met through Internet dating only to find that he had not only shown the photos to others but also that he had made disparaging remarks about her in relation to the photo.

God, I remember being so angry on her behalf.  How DARE he!!

She took the decision to publish that photo as part of the campaign. 

All her trust in him was gone and this was her way of taking back control.  Preempting the possibility that he might use this photo in some way to try and cause her pain. (she looked GREAT btw!).

I now find myself in a similar position.

Although I didn't send this photo to the person in question. 

Although I didn't give them permission to use it in any way. 

Although as far as I was aware they didn't even know it existed (I had even forgotten about it myself).

I certainly hadn't given it any thought when Id allowed them to use my PC a while ago.

I hadn't said 'feel free to trawl my photos while you are there'.

'Feel free to forward any to yourself that you like the look of'.

'Feel free to keep that photo and then, when you've fucked up our friendship (and btw, you were WAY off in your thinking anyway and I would have TOLD you that if only you'd asked!) to then tell me that you have this photo and could post it on the internet (WHY would you do that?).  How was that in any way ever going to mend our friendship?

I don't know if it's an idle threat.  I don't know what you think it would achieve but ...

You know what?

Go ahead if you think it will help.

I AM now saying, 'feel free!!!'

In fact, I'll save you the trouble.

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Share, Because I Care ...

Rewinding at the Fibro.

Allison's really hit the jackpot this week with the rewind theme being lessons.

I am a veritable (self confessed) expert in SO many area that it was actually quite hard to choose a post!

After much cogitation I decided to share my relationship counselling expertise with you all.

I'm sure you will find it very insightful and, don't forget, if YOU need any help with a tricky relationship matter, just ask, I'm here for you.


Do you know, I think I may become a relationship counsellor.

I've decided that I'm pretty good at giving advice (dare I say, even an expert;).

Of course, I have my own experiences to draw on and, (after the fact), I know exactly where I've been going wrong.

I bet you expect me to tell you now don't you?

Well, I'm not going to.

This is MY gig and I'm not having all of you jumping on the band waggon.  It takes more than a few stolen insights to become a relationship counsellor you know!

I've been giving some great advice lately.

Before Christmas I told a friend that he should really talk to his wife and not be tempted by a local Jezebel.

I said he should rediscover his passion ....

So he did (with the local Jezebel!).

She then had a wobble and ended it which I said was a GOOD thing, now he could talk to his wife and rediscover the passion ....

So he left his wife and started a long distance romance.

Meanwhile the local Jezebel is expressing an interest again and he is torn about where and with whom he should be rediscovering his passion ....

So I told him he was a tart.

As a starting point I think I'm doing pretty well so far don't you?

More to come (possibly) and, if you are in need of a little advice well ....

I'm here for you :)

The Gallery

Now you know me, I love to take photos even if I do harp on
all the time a little about only having my rather crappy phone to do it with :)

When I saw K's post on landscapes which she was linking up to The Gallery over at Sticky Fingers I thought I'd share (or even re-share) a few of my favorites.


Which to choose???

Anyone that knows me knows you don't give me choices, I just can't do it.

SO ...  you get them all (you lucky, lucky people:)

A mixture of places (but hmm, ALL at the beach)  Saunton, Lulworth, Woolacombe, West Bay, Seatown, Kilve ....

Tuesday 21 February 2012

WoW - Dear ...

The light was fading,  the sky over the sea bathed in a wash of pink and gold.

She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts, the tang of salt laden air touched her lips echoing the sting from the salt filled tears that blurred her vision as she wrote.

Her attention was momentarily caught by the silhouette of the surfers making their way back across the sand, their dark shapes captured against the soft glow of the water behind them.

Two tiny figures returning from their battle to dominate the vastness of of the ocean.

(if they can do it, so can we ... so can we ...)

Turning back to the letter in front of her she rubbed a weary hand across her face leaving a smudge of ink on her cheekbone.

It seemed she had been writing forever, with so much to say and so much that had been left unsaid.

Her voice had been stifled, ignored and discarded for so long. Please god,  this time, let it be heard for surely the time was coming when the words would be lost forever and her voice faltered and finally fell silent.

The pages shimmered, ruffled by a breeze carrying the scent of the ocean in it wake.

As she put out a hand to still them she watched the words she had written gradually fade and disappear and she realised it was too late.  The words were already gone.

Unwritten, unread, unheard, .

Gerroff My Land!!

Or, to be more precise, 'Get off my fecking Facbook if you don't know how to behave!!'.

48 hours later (see, I am learning to think before I post :) and I am still really pissed off about some comments posted on one of my pictures.

On Saturday night I went out with Surfer Dude and another friends Jon to the Moat House where they were having a live music extravaganza. 

16 bands in 16 hours.

A friend of mine plays guitar in a band and a mutual friend of mine and Surfer Dude plays drums in the same band so we went along to show some support (and because they are pretty damned good).

The first thing that hit me was the change of name ...

The Apple and Parrot FFS!!!

it is, always has been (and shall remain) The Moat House!
The second thing was that they had ripped out the beautiful wooden bar and stuck a horrible modern one in the corner.

Apart from that (as it's a listed building) they fortunately seem to have left it pretty much alone.

Anyway, the place was absolutely rocking.

It was hot, it was sweaty and it was really, REALLY loud!

Full of some great character due to the diversity of the music.

I actually stalked this guy to get a photo for you :)

After taking about 20 with my phone (mostly of the back of his head, damn that guy could move fast even with a walking stick!) peering around pillars and (accidently!) following him to the loo Jon whipped out his phone which actually had a flash and brazenly snapped off a few for me. It's a shame they aren't full length, you don't really get the full affect.

Have to say, he was a braver man than me, this guy was seriously scary and wearing dark glasses even in a dark pub but then, Jon is 6ft 4" and built like a brick sh*t house AND he works on oil rigs (if that's at all relevant) so he doesn't scare easy.

I thought at first this guy could be an aging Hells Angel but there weren't any markings on his jacket so I'm guessing either a rocker or a biker (probably the latter would account for the walking stick).

Anyway, we had a real blast helped considerably by Jon working through a vast range of ciders to make up for his dry spell on the rig and insisting that I try each one of his pints and give my opinion.

Like I know anything about cider ...  (other than the fact that it has a very unfortunate affect on my stomach!).

We danced, we shouted, we clapped and whistled ...  Surfer Dude sang along really extraordinarily badly!! (which may account for the fact that I was deaf in one ear for at least 18 hours after)

Then I went  home tired, sweaty and feeling really good.

I've got into the habit of taking snaps of myself every now and then as part of this new eating regime (which is going pretty well :) and when I'd dried my hair earlier in the evening it had gone wild, I mean seriously mad!!

So I took a photo.

For a laugh I posted it on FB.

Someone I thought I knew pretty well, someone I thought was a friend made some fatuous comment about it being a hot pic and did I get laid.

I was kind of taken aback to be honest, particularly when it was followed up with another comment that I also found offensive.

Now I'm not a prude on FB at all, but equally, I'm not as laid back as I am on my blog and this person and I have history.

So, after trying to brush it off I sent him a text saying I wasn't entirely happy about the comments and, well, lets just say that his reply made it pretty clear that he wasn't as cool with us just being friends as I'd thought he was.

I'm fairly ruthless on FB these days and I really dont need that crap so he is gone but I still feel a bit unsettled by it. 

My love/hate relationship with FB continues slightly more tarnished than it was before.

Then I lay in bed chopping up photos of myself (ok, cropping them to be more precise :).

I'm not really sure why (there possibly is some deep psycological reason for it I'm guessing :).

I prefer to think of it as part of my continued facination for taking photos.

I took the photo I'd posted on FB and did a series of clips zooming in a little further each time.

I really like the way it pixilates (which is probably NOT the correct teminology but really, dilligaf? ;) so I thought I'd post them here where you can say whatever you like cause as far as I know hardly anyone I actually know in the flesh reads my blog.


Saturday 18 February 2012

I Like Who You Are

One of my (many) peculiarities is that I have the ability to recall dates.

Not just Birthdays, wedding anniversaries (although I DID managed to forget my own last year ;) and other important events, but the little things, insignificant to others maybe, but things that mean so much to me.

It's a bit of a double edged sword, a bitter sweet gift if you like.

It's started today and there are a whole host of them looming and I'm struggling just a little to know how I'm going to handle them.

Not too well I suspect ...

I've had a pretty good week.

Last Saturday I went to Saunton and Croyde.

a little reminder if you missed the post

On Wednesday I went to Honiton.  A beautiful, mostly Georgian town famous for it's lace making heritage.

Almost every other shop is full of lace, antiques or curio's, I could lose myself for days.


After a brief stop for tea in the Boston Tea Party

This is MY kind of tea room :)

We headed off to Beer, a small working fishing village where the boats are winched up onto the beach and fresh fish is available from a little shack all year round.

We didn't make it into the man made limestone caves carved into the cliffs  used by smugglers this time round but we did sit on the wall to watch the fishermen bringing in their catch chased by a flock of noisy seagulls.

Then on Wednesday evening I had a call from my lovely Mr O who was passing by and wanted to know if he could take me to dinner.

Oh, go on then ;)

Dinner at Brazz, part of the famous Castle Hotel where chefs such as Phil Vickery (who was sacked from there;), Gary Rhodes and Kit Chapman have plied their trade.

It is a lovely place to eat but maybe a touch pretentious for me on a daily basis, I much prefer the Sanctuary.

So, what else have I been up to this week?

Well, of course it was Valentines Day on Monday.

A day to remind those of us who are single just how unlovable we really are ...

I know, commercialised crap :) and the truth is, I don't really buy in to it. 

It can be a sweet tradition and a time to reinforce your love for someone with thoughtful gestures and reminders of why you are together but hopefully that would be something not just saved for February 14th.

I wasn't expecting anything so to get 4 cards came as a bit of a shock really.

Slightly cringe making is the thought that they might have been sent by those who feel sorry for me!

Reassuring was the fact that none of them were sent by my Mother :)

Two with London postmarks and two hand delivered.

Just to put things in perspective, last year I had nada and the year before one. 

This is unprecedented.

Well, I now know who one of them was from but the others .....

On Thursday I decided it was a great idea to say that BOTH the children could have sleepovers.

I know, I'm certifiable (and obviously my recall doesn't take into account the times I've said never again!)

So, there I was with 4 hungry teenagers demanding food and my bloody oven blew up!

All I need now is for my washing machine to stop working and I'll have a full set of completely useless kitchen appliances!!!

Surfer Dude was (as ever) my knight in shining armour and rode to the rescue (aka, the supermarket) for ready cooked chicken ect AND he has a friend who will hopefully be here later today to either mend my oven or, as is more likely, condemn the wiring in the whole of my shitty house.

He also took me over to the farm yesterday, the source of my lovely free range eggs and Bramley apples so I could cook the crispy duck the kids missed out on (their loss, my gain:).

Where I helped him build a bonfire.

I love a good bonfire :)
the fire reflected in the farmhouse window

 And took a look at his latest project.

Could you even imagine a better name for it :)

So, although there may be things right now that make me incredibly sad, they are things that I don't have the power to change.  God knows, I would if I could.

I do have many good things in my life, I guess I just can't have it all.

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Hippy Chick

Today I thought I'd share my hippy chick look.

I love this top from White stuff worn with thick tights and thigh high boots with a long cotton cardigan over the top and, in the summer I'd wear it on it's own as a dress with bare legs and flip flops.

Why am I suddenly sharing fashion with you ......

Beats me  ...  ;)

Monday 13 February 2012

You Don't Have to Say You Love Me

Today Valentines Day has been smacking me around the face.

I had a great weekend.

Saturday was a beautiful day.  The sun shone and it was really pretty mild so (and those of you who know me may be able to guess what's coming next ;) ...

I went to the beach!

Well of course I did, what else would I do?

Saunton Sands followed by Croyde and the famous Thatch pub for dinner.

 Sadly by the time I got to Croyde the light had faded too much to take any decent photos on my phone (have I ever mentioned that  I crave a decent camera?  Hmm, once or twice maybe ... ;).

Anyway, I think my phone did pretty damned good, take a look at these ....

Almost total whiteout as my phone couldn't cope with the light (but I quite like it)
This was even more beautiful in real life!
These guys were warming up before hitting the surf
Sitting on the balcony drinking wine looking at this!!!
Does life GET much better?
The sun was like a pool of fire on the water
Everything, including the sand turned pink (sadly this doesn't quite pick it all up)
I love this one with the guy carrying his surfboard :)

we stopped on the way as I couldn't resist this
 sunlight on the water

The photos are all over the place, sorry, blogger will NOT behave!!

For me these photos represent true beauty, true romance...

You can keep all the chocolates, hearts and flowers and cute bears holding hearts ect.

Of COURSE Id like to be spending tomorrow with someone special.

I'd love to be someones waking thought and the last thing on their mind before they slept, but sadly that's just not the way things are right now ...

But hey, maybe one day and meanwhile I can't really complain can I?

Happy Valentines Day all and, if like me, you don't have anyone to share it with this year then these photos are for you too. xxxx

Sunday 12 February 2012

Listography - Mugs

I haven't joined in with Kates listography for a while for some reason but I couldn't resist this weeks subject.

Suddenly I feel less alone - slightly less mad and slightly more justified in having mugs for different occasions ....

My morning cup of tea mug and my favourite mug of all - I found it in a charity shop about a year ago and I just love it.  You just can't drink tea from a big chunky mug and this one is thin and elegant.

After two cups of tea I'm ready to move on to coffee and this mug is from a set of four that I bought in Marks and Spencers about 3 years ago.  I love the colours.

My herbal tea mug.  Love this mug too - it's much thicker than my ordinary tea mug.  I'd also use this one for lem sip.

My hot chocolate mug.  This one is perfect for Wittards dreamtime hot chocolate with cinnamon.  It's big and I can wrap my hands around it to keep them warm and (if that weren't enough) it has BEACH HUTS on it :)).

I hate this mug and never use it.  It's so damned ugly!!!

It was given to me as a set of four by someone who I really think can't have any idea of what I'm all about at all!  I've managed to break the other three but somehow this one has survived and lurks at the back of the cupboard, I may try 'accidently' dropping it as I put it away again ...

I'll bet it's not just Kate and I that have this little foible .... is it?

Silent Sunday