Friday, 3 February 2012

Remember TAP?

Hmm, no, you probably don't ;)

Last year I started TAP (Toast A Post) - it was my way of acknowledging great posts.

Every week (ok, when I thought about it) I would link to a post in another blog that I thought was worth a read.

I even set up a linky for a while.

It didn't really take off.  Not even when Fiona took it over during the NaBloPoMo (god, bet I've got that wrong!).

Plenty of people said they liked the idea but they didn't link to it so it kind of died a death.

Well, I aim to resurrect it in a different form.

I am turning it into an AWARD!

We all love awards, we all love to be recognised and we all love to know that someone thinks enough of us and our writing to say it publicly.

I'll never forget the thrill I got when Frau Fancy from I'm So Fancy passed me my very first award (thank you my lovely x ). 

Seriously, I nearly wet myself with excitement - ever seen that scene in the Vicar Of Dibley where Harry Kennedy  (he is to DIE for!)  proposes to Dawn French and she goes:


Of COURSE you have, you are a kindred spirit after all ;)

Yep, that was me ... well, until someone pissed on my bonfire and asked if it came with a free holiday (you know who you are ... b*stard! ;)

I've been thinking about it for a while and you know what my biggest dilemma has been?

No, not who to award it to, that's the easy part (and I have several people in mind!).

What to CALL the bloody thing!

You would not believe the crap names I've come up with and as I type this I'm still undecided.

But, an award's got to have a name right?

SO (and tell me it you think this is truly crap, honest, I won't be offended .... much), I have decided to call it:

The Kindred Spirit Award

Now every award has got to have rules too but as you know, I'm more of a rule breaker and much as I love awards I don't want to over burden this one with too many.

So these are them:

1)  Choose between 1 and 3 blogs that you want to pass the award on to and link to them in your post.

2)  Do a short (or as long as you like write up about the blog of your choice telling us a little about them and why you feel they are a kindred spirit.

3)  Link to a post on their blog that you feel epitomises the writer.

4) Don't forget to leave a comment on their blog telling them that you have passed the award on to them.

5) Oh, and don't forget to grab your award above and either stick it in your post or in your side bar.

That's it folks, that's all there is to it.  No restriction on the size of the blog, no questions to answer, no need to think of things to say about yourself (unless it's in relation to the blog you are awarding).

This is a purely altruistic award.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm as ego centric as the next person.  I LOVE talking about me (well, it kind of comes with the territory doesn't it? ;).

BUT the Kindred Spirit Award is about new friends, those you have grown to know and to love in this strange but beautiful cyber world we have all strayed into.

Ok, now the bit about me.

Well come on, this IS my award, got to have a bit about me in it somewhere haven't I ;)

Tomorrow I am going to pass on the first award and every now and then I will randomly pass it on to someone else who I feel is a true kindred spirit ie I don't have to wait to see if anyone passes it to me before I pass it on because I created it and I get to make or break the rules as I see fit ...



Unknown said...

I like the name Kindred Spirit. SO am I right in saying that it's a bit liked being tagged with the award and then you take part? Not like a linky where you just choose to take part? I am a bit slow at times lol!

Sarah said...

That's exactly what it's like Claire - I'll start the ball rolling tomorrow with my first nomination who will then (hopefully) pass it on to another blogger to keep it going (I plan on doing a series myself:).

I'm glad you like the name - its a throw back to my Anne of Green Gables days ;) - for me a kindred spirit is someone who gets you instantly, who is on your wavelenght and who you can be yourself with warts and all.

Kindred spirits never give up on you (although they may give you a kick up the backside from time to time), if they let you down then they pick you up again.

They may move away, move on and not be there on a day to day basis but they hold a little piece of your heart and you theirs wherever they are.

A.K. Knight said...

How about the "That was a flippin amazing post" award? No?

I am going to dub you the fairygodmother of bloggers. You are the most incredible cheerleader.

Okay, bring it on.

--Feisty Cat

Ramblings of an Honest Heart said...

I like the idea of supporting amazing posts and blogs.. feels like one big happy family without the bickering and holidays wearing indentical sweaters.

It will be fun to see how wide spread it gets!!

Sarah said...

Aw shucks, thanks FC :) Haha, great name for an award, I may have to set up another! xx

Oh god Fasm, don't talk to me about matching sweaters!!

I'm the youngest of four and my Grandmother was a prolific knitter so we all had the same sweaters but in different colours and, as the youngest, I got to wear all the others too as they were passed down!

I'm hoping it will become HUGE - who knows, could happen ;) x

Salamander said...

If I admit that I thought Anne of Green Gables was my kindred spirit, will you laugh? Mmmm. Probably. I was 11, ok? And she was a hell of a lot nicer than the girls at my school :)

I think you are amazing to even think of this, Sarah. Seriously. Especially if you had to endure a childhood wearing hand-knitted hand-me-downs xxxx

Unknown said...

great, I think it's great to have an award that specifically for the content of someone's blog. x

Sarah said...

I won't laugh at you if you don't laugh at me Sal ;) I felt exactly the same way!

The hand me down seaters were just the tip of the iceberg sadly ... xxx

I hope people like it Claire and that they go and take a look at PP's blog and any others I pass the award to, they will all be worth reading :) x