Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Blog Buddies Questionnaire....

Lovely Lou over at Our Home In The Sun tagged me in the Blog Buddies Questionnaire a few days ago - it's bloody hard!  Thanks Lou ;)

The rules of the Blog Buddy Questionnaire are quite simple:
  1. You must post the rules.
  2. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
  3. Answer the questions the person who tagged you has set for you, and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
Not much then!!

Ok, here goes the really hard bit - what DONT you already know about me ...?

11 Things You May (Or May Not) Want To Know About Me

1:  I used to ice skate pretty well when I was young - sadly I can't risk it now having only half a kneecap in my left knee (very drunk ... Maggies fault ... yep, say no more;).

2: I lived in Australia for a couple of years of my childhood and we had a huge Jacaranda tree in the back garden - the flowers were the perfect size for making little pixie type shoes for my dolls.

3:  I'm absolutely bloody terrified of heights but one of my ambitions it to go up in a hot air balloon or, more recently, I've fancied kite surfing.

4:  I have incredibly strong, fast growing nails and have to cut them every couple of weeks.

5: I'm seriously (well, half seriously) thinking that setting up a telephone chat line might be the best way  to go so that I can work from home and be around for the children. 

I've been told I have the right voice for it but hmm, can you see me doing that ...  Haha, ok, I'm NEVER going to do it am I? I'd spend all my time slapping the callers down probably ;)

6: I don't really like ice cream much - shameful isn't it?  Although I did have the best blackberry and clotted cream ice cream in Dunster last summer.

7:  I can spend an hour in the shower - I love, love, LOVE showers.  Baths are an occasional pleasure but nothing beats closing your eyes and standing under a hot shower.

8: I'm thinking of cutting my hair - I'm worried that I wont realise when I'm too old to have long hair and I'm wondering if it's now.

9: I prefer silver over gold and semi precious stones over diamonds.

10: I once ate snails, they were like garlic flavoured snot!

11:  I haven't got a clue who I'm going to pass this on to and I'm hoping whoever it is doesn't hate me forever - it's really bloody HARD Lou! x

Lou's Questions

1: What was the most exciting part of your day?

Today nothing much has really happened but I did get a lovely text from my favourite Mr O saying 'know that there is someone always thinking of you'  which may not be exciting exactly but it was a lovely thing to wake up to (sent at 5:30 this morning so god KNOWS where he was off to!).

Oh and Miss Mac made blueberry muffins at school ...  have to say they were bloody disgusting ;)

2: If you could have just one wish - what would you wish for?

So many things instantly spring to mind.  A lottery win, happiness, an end to needless suffering in the world, health for those I know and love (and for those I don't know) ...

But, if the wish is purely for me, I'd wish for strength.

I don't see my self as a particularly strong person and I'd like to feel more able to deal with the crap that life seems so fond of throwing at me lately.

3: If I could afford it I would have an eye lift - Would you ever consider plastic surgery and if so where?

That's an easy one Lou!  I said a couple of posts back that I longed for a bum like a beach ball - the type you can park a bike in and balance a pint on.  I have the flattest bum in the world, in profile I just disappear.  I want a Big Mumma type bum that makes you just want to SLAP it ;)

4: What was your best subject at school?

Probably English Language - I've always had a passion for words, mine and other peoples and I've always been an avid reader.

5: Who was your first kiss?

Martin Doswell, I was 13 and he was 17.  He was the school heart throb and possibly still the best kisser I've ever come across.  My first kiss was exactly how all first kisses should be.  We spent a very heady summer doing lots of kissing but sadly the age gap between 13 and 17 was just too great. 

6: Curry or Chilli?

Hard one, I love both ...  Hmmm, unfair question, I can't choose sorry :)

7: If someone was to buy you a huge bouquet of flowers what flowers would you want?

Something that either smells amazing (Lilly of the Valley is one of my favourite flower) or looks beautiful.  There are few things more beautiful that a huge bunch of Sunflowers.  Give me a big, messy bunch of flowers any day over a dozen thorn less, scentless roses and if you must buy me roses, never buy red, always white with lot's of greenery.

I love flowers but I'd rather have just a single flower that someone really though epitomised me than a flashy expensive bunch chosen for impact.

8: My favourite perfume at the moment is 'Touch' by Burberry what is your favourite smell?

Pure White Linen by Estee Lauder - there are very few perfumes I really like and even less that I'd wear. This is everything I like in a perfume.  Not over powering, slightly sexy and you can wear it day or night.  Sadly I've run out and it's not the kind of thing I can justify buying for myself :(

9: Everyone has something that they are really passionate about - what are you passionate about?

It's no secret that I'm passionate about the sea.  It's my escape.  It's where I grew up.  It soothes my soul and empties my mind.  I can lose myself walking along a beach listening to the sea.  If you took me too far from the sea I think I'd just fade a little.  I've been likened to a siren several times,  just the other day in fact on one of my FB photos and there may be some truth in it. I even modelled for a sculptor many years ago who turned me into a mermaid.

10: If you could go anywhere in the world for a dream holiday, where would you go?

Another easy one but I'd need a time machine too!  Corfu in the 1940's/50's - the time of Gerald Durrell when it was an unspoilt island full of character.

But, realistically, Id love to hop on the back of a bike and ride across America with the wind in my hair (hmmm, did I say realistically ;).

11: What is you favourite film of all time?

Oh no, another hard one ...  I don't HAVE a favourite film, I like films for so many different reasons. 

I love Julie and Julia because (apart from adoring Meryl Streep) it was partly the inspiration for my starting this blog.  I love Room with a View because it's set in Florence (another dream holiday destination)  the footage is breathtaking.  I love the Bond films (but give me Sean Connery any day of the week).  I like anything that makes me laugh (A knights tale is a fav) and some that make me cry.  But mostly it takes me several sitting to watch a film because I'm so crap at sitting still for long enough, possibly why I prefer books :)

My Questions For You

1:  For some reason I'd never tried mayonnaise until I was in my 20's - is there any common place food that you didn't try until you were an adult?

2:  I admire integrity above all other traits in a person - someone who is true to themselves (without being arrogant) and their values is something I hold in the highest regard.

What trait do you admire most n a person?

3: Marmite ...  Well??  Do you or don't you? (I DO!)

4: The sea and the smell of  Pears soap takes me right back to my childhood - what scent/place takes you back to yours?

5: Old junk or forgotten treasures? - it's no secret that one of my favourite things is to have a good nose around a charity shop or junk shop - I love finding things that others have given away.  My worst nightmare is TK Maxx - hate the place, it gives me panic attacks!

Which do you prefer, old or new?

6: Coffee or Tea first thing in the morning?

I can't stomach coffee first thing, it has to be tea preferably Twinnings Every Day or Earl Grey - what's your morning beverage?

7: Destiny, fate, karma - do you believe?  I'm not sure that I do but does that matter? If it is true then it will happen anyway and maybe I should stop beating myself up over stuff I actually had no control over anyway :)

8: If you had the power to get into someones head for a day and read their thoughts a) would you (hell YES!) and b) who would it be? (ok, I'm not answering that one so you don't have to either:)

9: Nicking one of the questions asked to Lou - What's the most inappropriate thing you have said or done to someone?  Umm, well recently that would be a toss up between inviting someone to 'arse me' and telling someone I wanted to 'admire their balls' but that's just in the last few weeks.  What about you?  Do you suffer from foot in mouth syndrome?

10: Dunk or not?  I'm more of a cake person and rarely eat biscuits but you would NEVER n a million years catch me dunking.  Can't think of anything worse than a soggy biscuit (unless its the remains of a soggy biscuit in the bottom of a mug).

11: Kiss or hug?  I'm not one for kissing randomly but there's nothing I like better than to have someone wrap their arms around me and give me a huge hug.   

Sooo - who am I going to tag ...

Ok, you lucky, lucky people - I'm tagging:

Tiffy from Because I Said So because she has a brand new blog and I am her very first follower.!!

 (Now in case that sounds like a really mean thing to do to someone I just want to say that you dont have to tag anyone Tiffy - if you can do the other two parts, who knows, some of this lot may pop by your blog :)

Lesley from Post Card Pam Goes Large because she makes me laugh, gives great advice and support and I love her to bits (and because despite being blogging buddies for a while now I've only just discovered she is TINY so what else don't I know???).

Car from End'o The Road because she hasn't been around for a while and needs winkling out of hiding ;)


AGuidingLife said...

Omg this is so long, I'll have to comment as I read.

You are never too old.

And then I had to restrain myself cos I could have said something about everything but I do now consider you my BFF for not tagging me, lol.

Ps marmite yes and rain on a summers evening after the lawns have been cut.

Sarah said...

And I meant to add that I wanted to tag LOADS of people (inc you) but I couldn't be faffed with the blog hopping and cutting and pasting so EVERYONE that reads this should consider themselves tagged.

That means YOU K:) xx

pam said...

Awwww, bless you lovely Sarah! It's a challenge and no mistake but faint heart never won a Blog Follower so I'm up for that big time! I'll just rest my eyes for a mo' first....

Ps. Knights Tale - a house fave! Mum always likes a little bit of Heath.

danneromero said...

I like your reasons for choosing the blogs you tagged. :D

The Rambling Pages said...

I really enjoyed reading that! As for Room with a View that takes me right back to my 6th form - my form teacher was the brother of Julien Sands and Julien often use to come into school and sit with us in our form, we were all madly in love with both him and his brother so obviously Room with a View was ALWAYS the film we watched!

Ramblings of an Honest Heart said...

What a great way to get to know fellow bloggers!! :0)

Sarah said...

I'll be waiting PP ;) - Mmmm mmm Heath!!!

Don'tyou just want to LICK him??? (well, maybe not so much now .... hmm, bad taste, sorry).

Thanks Danneromero :)

How jealous am I RP??

It's a good on Fasm but it's not an easy one - please consider yourself tagged to if you feel like taking up the challenge :)

Melinda Chapman said...

This was such a funny read! Great questions. :)
I must say:
8. Have fun and cut your hair! I went through the same thing. Now it's done I realise there's plenty of time to grow it back and wear it long for a little while, and then cut it again later.
9. Same here! Silver over gold, and diamonds are too trophy for my liking.

Sarah said...

Thanks Melinda and you know what? You are absolutely right! It will always grow again, I'm going to do it today! :)