Tuesday, 21 February 2012

WoW - Dear ...

The light was fading,  the sky over the sea bathed in a wash of pink and gold.

She paused for a moment to gather her thoughts, the tang of salt laden air touched her lips echoing the sting from the salt filled tears that blurred her vision as she wrote.

Her attention was momentarily caught by the silhouette of the surfers making their way back across the sand, their dark shapes captured against the soft glow of the water behind them.

Two tiny figures returning from their battle to dominate the vastness of of the ocean.

(if they can do it, so can we ... so can we ...)

Turning back to the letter in front of her she rubbed a weary hand across her face leaving a smudge of ink on her cheekbone.

It seemed she had been writing forever, with so much to say and so much that had been left unsaid.

Her voice had been stifled, ignored and discarded for so long. Please god,  this time, let it be heard for surely the time was coming when the words would be lost forever and her voice faltered and finally fell silent.

The pages shimmered, ruffled by a breeze carrying the scent of the ocean in it wake.

As she put out a hand to still them she watched the words she had written gradually fade and disappear and she realised it was too late.  The words were already gone.

Unwritten, unread, unheard, .


sjp said...

Simple but powerful, great peaceful scene set. Definite symbolism between the fading sun and letter.

The Rambling Pages said...

You really write beautifully, the scene was perfectly described x

Stephanie said...

A beautiful scene you have created. I love the imagery and how distinctive the simplicity of the ocean view is.

Claire said...

Wonderful, wonderful writing. I love the descriptions, the mystery, and the character. She seems very interesting, and I love the story you have started here. I want to see more!

danneromero said...

very nice. poetic. i was able to visualize the scene.

Unknown said...

I could picture the scene you described so easily - a sure sign of wonderful writing! Love the last line as well x

B said...

Excellent work - great use of picture painting to make the story sing... Love it. I also love how timeless it is - there is no indication of when this was written - yesterday, 1950s or earlier...

A.K. Knight said...

Somehow I picture you as the letter writer. Not sure why.

Lovely. Sad. Interesting. Yep, sad. Can you picture a world without words?

--Feisty C

pam said...

This is beautiful Sarah. It's a frustration I can identify with and with lovely imagery

Sorry I haven't been around much lately, too much happening to be able to kick back x.

Sarah said...

Thank you SJP - I'm glad you saw that. For me there is a very strong connection between the two.

Thank you RP :) x

Thank Stephanie, it's a photo I took a couple of weeks ago, I love it.

Thanks Claire - there could be more to this story, who knows ;)

Thanks Danneremero :)

Thank you Donna, I'm really glad you liked it.

Thank you B :)

A world without words FC ... I dont know, I sometimes think it would be better than the words not being heard. Hmm, you got me, yes, it is me (as it so often is ;)

PP! I was thinking about you just now when I was in the shower (no need to identify with that imagary;).

Hope you have been busy in a good way.

I feel a huge sense of frustration at times. As though I were made of mist. I can reach out but not hold on, talk but not be heard ... hmmm, you know what I mean ... x

Melissa said...

Beautiful & sad. Well written.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Just gorgeous.

Ramblings of an Honest Heart said...

What a great use of the prompt! It was sad and full of emotions. I can relate.

InkPaperPen said...

This was sad but I felt a sense of magic in it, in the close, in the fading words, the fade of the day.

I liked the idea of feeling like you have been writing forever - I can relate to this. I know a lot of your writing is somewhat autobiographical and I think it is so important for us to write down our own story. It's a form of healing. But also, this piece got me thinking about where you could take your writing. Perhaps you could create a fiction continuation, I feel like a magic/realism novel could come of this...Like Chocolat maybe.

Sorry for rambling on your blog. I'm thinking as I go.

Wherever you take your stories and your writing, I hope it is to the place that works best for YOU.


Meg said...

A real sense of sadness. You have really captured the emotion so well in this. Beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

just lovely