Thursday, 2 February 2012

So this morning I was feeling a little .... unsettled.

I still haven't shaken that feeling and I'm still waiting for what ever it is to make itself known.  If anything, that feeling has grown stronger and I'm pretty sure I know what it is ...

Anyway, choices!

Do I sit back waiting,?

Do I hide away waiting for it to find me?

Do I go looking for it ... ?

None of the above.

I accept that if there really is something.

If I'm right then it isn't something I can change and it will come to me in due course.

Meanwhile it was the most beautiful day again and I have a life to be getting on with and so, that's what I did :)

The sky may have been a brilliant blue:

But the air was so cold it took your breath away!

Gus and I walked the canal.  We saw the swans (still building that nest). We saw other dog walkers and cyclists.

But for some of the time it was just us and the stunning, ice etched beauty of nature:

And then I came home and did what I always do when I need distraction.

I cooked :)


Anonymous said...

No sense in waiting around for something to happen - best to do what you have done and just get out there and get on with life.....

Glad to see you didn't let that nagging feeling spoil the day for you.

Oh - and the strawberry cheesecake looking cake looks delicious

Lou :-)

Sarah Mac said...

It tastes pretty good too Lou ;)

I don't know, maybe today was a form of running away really but it was so damned beautiful I just had to get out and I'm glad I did.

It's so easy to get caught up in things, to be overwhelmed by circumstances and obstacles and to miss out on so much.

An hour later and the sun would have melted the frost, the light wouldn't have caught the tree in the same way and the swans may have been on a different part of the canal.

I could have missed all of that while life just happened.

(I'd probably have still made the bloody cheesecake though ;) xx

Steve Bailey said...

Sounds like a nice day.... and the cake looks tasty!

Sarah Mac said...

It was in a weird sort of way Steve - I've done a lot of 'life's too short' thinking lately.

To not grab it with both hands is so incredibly short sighted.

We don't always have the luxury of time and second chances.

Claire said...

I agree, just get out and get on. I use baking as distraction at times too. I love to bake when I feel unsettled.

Sarah Mac said...

It's good to focus on something when you feel like that and the bonus is that there's something good to eat at the end of it!

Cooking is a bit of a passion of mine, I LOVE to feed people :)

Salamander said...

I might be wrong, sweetie, but I reckon you were tapping into me. Your Thursday was my Friday...ugh. Wish I could have nommed your cheesecake xxxx

Sarah Mac said...

Still got that feeling Sal, it's like a nagging toothache :( miserable isn't it?

The cheesecake was pretty nommy and SO huge that i geve a big slice away to a friend xxx