Monday 6 February 2012

Be My Guest

Sharing the load

I was part way through a post on .... well, never mind, you'll find out ;) when up popped a post from Multiple Mum at And then there were four who is guest posting at The Mummy Autobiography for Miss Pink.

(is it just me or does that sound like an opening paragraph for an Enid Blyton Faraway Tree book ;)

Anyhow, not to stray too far from the point!

I see guest posts pop up from time to time and have idly queried their purpose.

Possibly the blogger hosting the guest post is going on holiday or something and doesn't want a big gap between posts.

Possibly the guest poster writes a blog on a similar subject and has something relevant to say.

Possibly, but neither of those always seem to fit.

Ok, I don't mean that what they have to say isn't relevant, god, I really should THINK before I speak!

What I mean is that either or both blogs may not be about specific subjects and therefore, there is no direct link between the blogs.

Anyway, having read MM's guest post:

 'It is surreal, but it is real. In an internet kind of way' - great title btw!

I felt like Newton when the apple fell from the tree and I got it!!!

It's another way of sharing great reads, I can be a little slow sometimes ;)

As the subject was on Internet friendships and how you sometimes picture a person when reading their blog it was, given my recent post, something I can really identify with.

There's an awful lot of sharing going on around the blogosphere, something that I think took me more by surprise than anything else (in a really GOOD way) - I was very hesitant when I started, was it all about numbers, everyman/woman for themselves, a fierce battle for the most readers, the biggest number of hits??

Well, yep, I'm not so naive that I don't think that goes on but I tend to steer well clear of that kind of stuff.  I quite like my blog being of a size where I get to know people and I can answer comments without it turning into a full time job.

But, on a day to day level the people I've come across are only to happy to share their space, give credit where it's due and, in some cases, give other a place to post anonymously should there be something they need to share in confidence (you know who you are:).

Well, I LIKE!! 

And I sometimes post rubbish so this could be a blog lifesaver for me...

And I'm a bit lazy sometimes so if someone wants to take a load off me then that all good too ;) ...

So, I'm off to ask a blog buddy if they would like to write a guest post for me.

Thanks MM and Miss Pink for helping me to, at long last, get it!

Oh, and I'm always available to guest post if you want to frighten off half your readership ;)  I feel it's time I returned to the funny :)


Anonymous said...

Lol Sarah - you do make me smile....I am giving you an award - the Liebster Blog Award and it will appear on my blog when I finally finish writing it - not the best of days today so fingers aren't typing with their usual speed....Was trying to find out how many followers you have , and I suspect that you have more then the 200 max to receive this award but I decided to hell with it - I want to give the award to you so I am going to.....tough!

Lou :-)

Salamander said...

Ah, my little Sarah. You never fail to make me snort my tea ;)

Any time you want to grace my pathetic little space with your awesomeness, just say the word babe. As long as you promise to wear one of those hand-knitted hand-me-downs while you do it xxx

AGuidingLife said...

Are you asking people to write on your blog or are you wanting to pimp out on another blog? Sorry still opiate high and as always thick as pig......

Sarah said...

How bloody annoying is when you comment from your phone and later find the comment has disappeared???


A BIG thank you Lou :) and no, I haven't hit the 200 mark yet so you haven't broken any rules (shame:) xxx

Lordy lordy Sal, what have you done .... I'm gonna hold you to that (and I may even dig out an old pic of the four of us in those sweaters;) xxx

Hey K (see, bad poetry without the need for drugs;) Good to see you even if you are off your face!

I'm up for anything really, use me and abuse me and come and share my space (but don't forget to bring cake;) xxx

pam said...

Obviously, being separated at birth, I never got the guest blog thing either. I think though, that you have to choose carefully because if I log into a blog and find a cuckoo in the nest, I am not always charitable about it in my thoughts. I trust you though Sarah, if anyone can pull it off (oo ar missus) it's you.

nomadwayoflife said...

haha.. love the pic.

Sarah said...

OO err PP - you have a point - I shall be ruthless in my critisism and insist on edit upon edit before publishing! (haha, you are all scared now aren't you;)Either that or I'll just ask kindred spirits :)

Me too nwol - it's a classic isn't it :)

MultipleMum said...

I am so glad you have worked out the guest post thing from my guest post because I am still completely confused about the point of it all! It is nice to chat over at another blog for a minute or two but otherwise it is just a bit weird. I guess it is about exposure, to a different audience? Miss Pink asked me and I said yes, but that is about it for me. She is on a 'bloggy break'. I usually just close up shop when I am out of town. Thanks for sharing the post x