Wednesday, 20 June 2012

A Touch Of Crap

I feel like complete crap today, I actually went back to bed for a couple of hours which, as anyone who knows me knows, is almost unheard of.  I hate sleeping during the day, it makes me feel like crap but I figured I probably couldn't actually feel more crap than I already did so what the hell ....

Guess what?

I woke up feeling even more crap .... sigh ....

I made myself a coffee, cut myself a slice of banana cake, sat down, remembered I don't much like banana cake and only make it to prove that I can (having discovered a recipe that doesn't turn out like a stodgy piece of crap) and read a few blog posts.

I realised what a crap blogger I've been lately (and yes, I am going for the record for saying crap as many times as possible in a blog post because, well, because I FEEL CRAP OK??? ;).

Partly it's because I've been pretty busy doing stuff and haven't had the time or the energy to blog but then that's never really stopped me in the past.  I just haven't had the same compulsion to write which is a bit sad.

WoW has disappeared, I don't know what's happened to it, the blog and the FB page have just gone - Gill, if you read this, hope all is ok and many of us miss you!  So I don't have an outlet for my fiction, can't be bothered right now to go looking for one and I liked the little community we had over there.

I've been posting more on FB recently, one liners require so much less effort than a whole blog post don't they?

Naturally I've been sunbathing at every given opportunity and I've paid a couple of visits to the beach.  I've been decluttering, decorating and watching kittens trash my house - yep, they are running amok these days.

I spent a couple of hours with my favourite Mr O yesterday.  He text me to say he was passing through and what was I up to.

I was covered in crap and clearing Master Macs bedroom ready for decorating.  FAR to busy to take time off so of course I dropped everything and hopped into the shower.  A couple of hours up on the hills, a white Magnum and a little people watching.  It's amazing how busy that place was considering it's in the middle of nowhere (and the middle of the day on a work day) - it's obviously a magnet for clandestine rendezvous!! 

We observed several couples arriving separately in cars, disappearing into the undergrowth and returning slightly dishevelled to go their separate ways tsk tsk!

Late afternoon I went over to the farm with SD to 'help' cut the mammoth hedge (for help read sunbathe on the lawn whilst he cut the hedge) and this morning I met up with lovely Lou for coffee and a gossip.

I didn't start the day feeling crap, far from it.  I was outside painting the stone pillar on my gatepost (not even half as grand as that sounds btw) at 7:30 this morning.  The sun was shining and I was full of enthusiasm for the day ahead.

It all fell apart after a very frustrating meeting once I left Lou.  It's connected with the ongoing situation that I've mentioned before.  Im finding the whole thing frustrating.  I feel some people are just paying lip service to the whole thing and it's really pissing me off!

Hmmm, anyway.  I came out of the meeting and the sun had disappeared, it's overcast and feels like thunder.  This weather doesn't suit me, I like sun shine or failing that, let it thunder.  I love a good storm and it would clear the air.  Im going out into the garden to do a rain dance now.

Again, I don't seem to have written the blog post I started out to write.  Just on here for a bit of a bitch and moan (and so you know Im still alive) - tomorrow my lovelies I shall write a proper post, lots of damned 'things' to share including my neighbour across the road asking me if I  ..... oh, hang on, if I tell you now I'll have no blog post will I ...?

Watch this space ;-)


Feisty Cat said...

Oh, crap. I have been feeling like crap as well. Maybe it is just the crap time of year, or crap could be going around. I hear there is a lot of crap in the air.

I look forward to reading your non-crap post tomorrow, but this one made me smile.

P.S. Maybe we should start a "Write on Wednesday" of our own? We can call it Crap on Wednesday, maybe?

Sarah said...

Ha ha, an excellent idea! I'm going to try to avoid saying crap tomorrow (although it may be substituted with cat shit ;) xx

Kelloggs Ville said...

Is this the neighbour that sore your altogether, or have you another neighbour admirer?! Oh I'm so excited to find out I wonder if I will sleep (that might be a little sarcastic possibly) and if you are going to paint at 7:30am expect to feel like crap. Listen to me

morning = sleep


missed you MWAH

Sarah said...

Missed you too lovely! - a different neighbour so now I've got someone else I have to avoid - moving really would be the easier option you know.

Morning = sleep ... hmmm, I should try that some time. Lol, hope you do manage to sleep despite the anticipation ;-) xx

Carmen said...

fuck it, crap posts are good too - it's like a crappy catch up with crap!!!

Sarah said...

sometimes you just have to get the crap out there don't you Carmen ;-)