Monday, 19 November 2012


Surfer Dude called me the perfect woman the other day.

Now I've been there before. I know it's something I can't live up to.

Ex Lax used to tell me I was perfect, the first person he could talk to about anything. Others have said the same thing in the past. The first person they could truly be themselves with .... etc

Anyway, it rang major alarm bells for me. Don't put me on a pedestal, I don't think I could survive another fall, the last one damn near destroyed me.

So I tried to laughed it off. I listed all my imperfections. My scantiness, my unpredictability. The way I seem to attract the ridiculous. The stupid stuff I say and do. The way that when I get something into my head I just do it without thinking things through.

God, I could go on and on ... I actually got quite emotional about it all - DON'T LAY THAT SHIT ON ME. I'm just not up to it.

Perfect I sure as hell ain't!

As ever SD sat and silently listened to my ranting. He didn't interrupt. He didn't try to stop me. He just waited until I ran out of steam.

And then he said:

'Those are all the things that make you MY perfect woman'.

Fuckit, I'm really not sure where I'm going with this ...

Just being me seems to be enough for once. It's a concept I'm still trying to get my head around.

I've known SD for more than half my life. He KNOWS me and he loves me just the way I am.

Well, what can I say SD?



Anonymous said...

Oooo so wonderful Sarah.
You know it has to be good when you can be all your crazy stuff and it is still just right!

Welcome to the world I discovered with S - sit back settle in and enjoy the ride - because one thing is for sure - you aren't under a microscope or being tested or anything else - you are appreciated for just being Sarah and Sarah is a wonderful person :-)

Go Surfer Dude

Lou :-)

joeh said...

Only a Woman could take an intended compliment and go all buggy about it.

I'd say the tirade was (unconciously)part of a test and SD passed with flying colors!

Either way, sounds like a good thing to me.

Kel said...

My god you guys are so sweet. I wish my husband would say something so nice about me but he says the reason he doesn't compliment me, is that all of the things I am good at, are just who I am, so he doesn't see a need to point it out and praise me. Sounds a bit fucking stupid right? ;-)

AGuidingLife said...

Perfect?! Does he not read your blog or talk to your neighbours?! Bwahahahahaha

Ahhhhh sorry, that wasnt very supportive was it. One of my imperfections right back at ya.

Ps it's like watching an episode of moonlighting.....will you just sort it out lol

Pps greeeeeeat I now have the moonlighting theme ear worm.

Sarah said...

Thanks Lou - still struggling to believe there isn't some killer punch line but that's my default stting these days based on past experience - SD's one of the good guys, I know that deep down.

Lol, what can I say Joe - you're right and he did and continues to do so.

Yes it is Kelly ;) Everyone needs to be told sometimes which makes it even more ironic that I'd question it when I am - I guess men really can't win :)

Ha ha K - no, he doesn't read my blog - he knows about it and he knows he's in it but he doesn't even want to know his pseudonym. I think he's more comfortable NOT knowing what I say about him!

As for the neighbours, well, I try to keep him away from them where possible by telling him they are all barking mad ;)

Lol, I'll run that one past SD - not sure he sees himself as Bruce Willis although I'm pretty sure I could carry off Cybil ...

Gahh - now I'VE got that tune in MY head!!!

Mark said...

If this says what I think it says then my only comment is "it's about fucking time !!" (And yes I do still read your blog - you didn't think it would be that easy to get rid of me did you....)

Sarah said...

Hey you, nice to see you're still around. Hope all is good in your world.