Friday, 26 April 2013

Move Along - Nuthin' to see

A crap titles go that's right up there isn't it? ;)

I'm sorry I've taken Fudge down so suddenly.  I did write a post explaining why in the wee small hours but I was very tired and it wasn't appropriate to leave it up. My apologies to those who did read it and I appreciated the comments, thank you!

There are very valid reasons for my doing this (and no, it's not me being all drama queenish again :) and I promise it is only temporary.

Fudge will be back as soon as a certain situation has been resolved (and I hope I'm talking a few days here) and meanwhile I will still be checking in on you all so don't think you've got rid of me that easily.

I'm ok though so don't worry.

In time honoured Arnie fashion 'I'll be back'.



SlapdashMama said...

Oh no! How did I miss this? Hope u r ok :-(

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Hope you're ok and things resolve themselves quickly. xxx

E. said...

Glad you'll be back. :)

Sarah said...

Im ok, NS, just a temporary situation :)

Thanks Emma Kate - things may not be resolved just yet but I've decided not to let that bother me too much xx

And I am E - decided I wouldn't let it stop me from being me :)