Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Photo For Tuesday

Because after the beautiful weekend the weather has turned pants.

Because yesterday I managed to put my back out so I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.

Because I have lots of things I need to do including baking cakes for a friend which I'd forgotten about until I just typed that!

Because I'd love to be able to rewind my weekend and do it all again ....

I've been messing with photos :-).

No idea what was going on here but feel free to suggest your own caption.


joeh said...

"Turning Pants?" Had to Google that one and even they couldn't explain where it came from.

When are you people going to learn to speak English!

Anyway, your posts are never pants.

Sarah said...

Ha ha - thank you Joe.

Ok, here's a little English folklore for you (which may or may not be the origin of turning pants).

If the sky was cloudy other than a small patch of blue sky my Grandmother used say if you can see enough sky to make a sailor pair of britches (i.e. enough blue to equal the cloth needed to make pants), then it won't rain.

Today there is no blue sky and it's raining therefore the weather is pants (and yes, I know this makes no sense at all ;)