Tuesday, 10 September 2013

No Excuses

As excuses go I'd say not handing in your homework because a kitten's shit on it probably rates slightly higher than the dog eating it.

Did I mention I had yet more kittens?

I'm just fostering them while I get them used to people, litter trained etc.  In fact, up until this evening I had four but one has gone to a good home with two small children who are thrilled with the gorgeous, long haired, grey tabby addition to their family.

I actually suspect that it was the culprit for the tiny turd that appeared on the information sheet for Miss Macs art homework.  I'm hoping its taught her the valuable lesson that if you leave your stuff lying around on the floor you shouldn't be suprised if it gets crapped upon.

Actually, I've never had that problem before with a kitten and I'm really hoping popcorn (as Miss Mac named him) behaves himself in his new home.

It got me thinking about excuses though. I've been pretty crap myself lately with regards to the blog.  I've written a few posts but I haven't involved myself properly in blogland and as a result less people are visiting and/or leaving comments.

Partly its due to my internet playing up, my connection is patchy again and my last few posts have been written on my phone using the blogger app which, although pretty good just doesn't have the features of the full application.

But even that's partly an excuse.

I'm not reading many blogs, I'm not commenting on many blogs.  Sometimes I'm unable to comment easily from my phone but again, that's more excuses really.  It's hard, not impossible.

I've even committed the cardinal sin for me in not answering all the comments left on my blog.

I know everyone's different.  Some people never answer comments but always pop over to the comment leavers blog and leave one themselves.  Some people answer directly to the person via email.  Some people openly admit that they don't answer comments and, some admit that they don't even read comments left on their blog.

The latter I find rather arrogant and I tend to avoid those blogs.  I acknowledge that some blogs attract so many comments that it would be a full time job to answer them all but I sometimes think it would do them no harm to remember that those commentors are the people who have made them big in the first place.

I think its fair to say that there's an element of luck or maybe its circumstance that determines how a blog evolves with regard to readership.  Before I offend anyone or you suspect that there's an element of jealousy in that statement I'd like to say, not so.  I guess in the early days I may have dreamt of greatness but I very soon realised that I didn't have the determination, commitment or probably even the talent to make Fudge into something huge.

And you do need all of those in order to expand and continue expanding your blog, more so maybe if you choose not to acknowledge your readership.

I guess this is kind of an apology to those of you who still stop by.  I could do better.  I will do better.  I don't especially want to expand my audience but I do want the one I have to know that I value it.

So I wanted to say a long overdue thank you to anyone who takes the trouble to read my posts and to those old friends who I've been neglecting, I'm sorry, its not good enough and ill be popping by very soon because you are the reason I'm still here and I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.



AGuidingLife said...

I've not been leaving comments because a cat shit on your blog....

no honestly.....

anyhoo, do you ever check your spam filter because I do very occassionally allow a small part of my thinly spread self to be smeared across your best efforts?

Anyhoo, I don't respond to comments (mainly) because a cat shit on them....

no honestly.

Look if you can't trust your cake mate who can you trust?!

PS I too have not been giving blogging my full attention and have a zillion crap excuses, I think it's just been a nice summer really. I expect I'll read more as the rain settles in! The good news on this score is you can republish all your summer posts in the winter and I'll never know


no honestly


Sarah said...

Mwah, love ya K and yours was one of the blogs I've been neglecting. still can't get you on my blog roll and not getting emails even though I subscribed. I did pop over yesterday and read your post on keeping children safe - tried to leave a comment but I don't think it published from my phone. kitten shit withstanding, we will always have cake lovely x

AGuidingLife said...

I'm clearly very exclusive. No idea why you don't get mails. resubscribe or bang me into http://www.bloglovin.com/

Blog roll has never worked for my blog, you have to add it as a url not as a followed blog.