Monday, 15 December 2014


Well, I know you've all been hanging out to know what happened with my fudge disaster and how (not to mention IF) I managed to turn it around.

Last week I decided to make fudge, I thought  that seeing as the blog is more than 3 years old now it was about time I made some in it's honour so I set to with the sugar, butter, condensed milk (or maybe it was evaporated, I don't remember) and it was a TOTAL disaster.

As you know if you saw my last post, my fudge didn't set.  It looked great in the pan:

But the next morning it was still only semi solid.

My first brain wave was to reheat it and re beat it and hope that would save it and turn it into lovely, crumbly fudge.

I ended up with toffee!

Undaunted I rolled the toffee into balls, dusted with a mixture of icing sugar and coco and voila!

Ok, they don't LOOK great but they tasted pretty good !

Unfortunately they were still really soft and by the next day they had all melded together to make one sticky inedible mass.

Plan C ...

Dig out the silicone ice cube tray, melt some chocolate, roll out some fudge/toffee into a sausage shape and cut small pieces.  Half fill the ice cube tray with melted chocolate, drop in a piece of fudge toffee and top up with chocolate.

When set, turn them out and ...

Yay - chocolate covered fudge/toffee chocolate strawberries!!!

They actually tasted really good and Miss Mac took them to school to sell to raise money for their prom next year.  Apparently they went down a storm and I was detailed to make more!!!

The only problem was that these used the tiniest bit of fudge/toffee each as they were mostly chocolate so I still had shed loads left and it would have taken several hundred weight of chocolates to use it up.

I also wasn't sure how long this fudge/toffee would keep so I had to think of something to finish it up or throw the rest in the bin.

Plan D was to invite Big D and the Lovely L over for dinner and make:

Bannoffee Pie!!

Miss Mac helped me with this one.  We decided to go for a flan base of sponge rather than pastry.  She took the rest of the fudge/toffee, dusted it in icing sugar so it was less sticky, rolled it out to fit the base of the flan case and then decorated with whipped cream and some of the fudge/toffee crumbled over the top.

We looked at it proudly before turning to put it in the fridge and then noticed, on the kitchen counter, FECKING BANANAS - what we had ACTUALLY made was a bloody OFFEE Pie!!

We carefully scrapped off the cream, sliced the bananas and put them in the pie - re-spread the cream and grated a shed load of chocolate on top and you know what?

It was bloody LOVELY (but I may never attempt fudge making again ...)


joeh said...

I'm sure the toffee was good, but in sort of looks like what you find when tracking a deer.

Now the chocolate strawberry things...a work of art.

Sarah said...

I thought it looked like hamster shit Joe but then, I've never tracked deer ...

The strawberries were indeed a triumph!

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Pretty big hamsters, Sarah? All this haute cuisine is way over my head anyway. But admirable, quite admirable, given that I struggle with anything more complicated that beans on toast. Though I do find a beer and good music helps when cooking.

Sarah said...

They grow em big round these parts Mike! It's more bodging that cooking to be honest ...

K Ville said...

I still think a spoon was the correct answer!

Sarah said...

You were right K, you were right :-)

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

A culinary triumph indeed. Think how great you'd be with a THERMOMIX.
But I agree. No more fudge making for me either.

Holly Hollyson said...

Well done Miss Food Blogger! The strawberry-toffees look so very delicious!

Angela Weight said...

YUM! I am so craving chocolate after reading this. And the closest thing we have in the house is Life Cereal, which isn't close at all. May have to run to the store.