Friday, 9 January 2015

Things I Know This Week

Today I'm going to link up with Ann from Help!!  I'm Stuck!! for Things I Know.

I've learned a few things this week.

To be honest, I learn things on a daily basis, I'm a bit like a sponge absorbing all kinds of new and interesting things all the time.

Unfortunately, also like a sponge, I tend to dry out and all those interesting and useful things just evaporate.  I sometimes text things to myself in an attempt to retain some of the wise or funny things I've heard and learnt but I often forget or think that I will remember (I never do) so I spend a lot of my time kicking myself at the lost blog fodder.

But some things do stick and here are a few from the past week:

1) Cats are VERY absorbent!  I know this to be true as I observed Miss Mac hugging Squishy (the cat who has no name because we aren't keeping her as I have consistently been telling SD for the last 8 months!)  and, as she rubbed her face in the cats fur, she sneezed particularly explosively right into her and yet neither of them apparently needed a tissue!

2)  There will always be several rogue Christmas baubles somewhere in my living room despite my pulling out both sofas and the TV unit.  Also, keeping them company, will be a couple of escaped mini eggs from last Easter and an unidentified object brought in by the cat.

3) Ratchet spanners are FUN!  They have a little switch that makes them change direction so you can undo or do stuff up and apparently, when you are helping people, you are supposed to know way which is which!

4)  It is very important to ensure your neighbour rehangs his net curtain BEFORE you help him dismantle his Christmas tree - this avoids unnecessary and embarrassing situations where others see you straddling 8ft fibre optic firs and draw their own wildly inaccurate assumptions!

5) The delivery guy you have been waiting to bring Miss Mac new coat for the last 3 days will always call when you have been hanging washing in the garden in a vest top with no bra on, old, cropped bobbly joggers and Ugg boots with mad bed hair because you didn't expect anyone to call at 7:55 in the  bloody morning and he will also be very young and TOTALLY gorgeous and will smirk at your feeble attempts to cover your braless modesty as you grapple with a sodding great package and a stupid electronic thingy that you have to scribble on.

6) When you sneakily borrow your teenage daughters curling tongs in an attempt to give your totally out of control mad hair luscious flowing curls you will only succeed in giving you fringe a corrugated 70's style crimping which hair straighteners and even washing the damn thing can't get rid of! (as a side note - don't even THINK about borrowing her heated eyelash curlers - trust me - just DON'T!).

I expect I learned a lot of other things too this week but unfortunately I didn't text any of to myself but, rather than looking at this as lost blog fodder I have resolved to see it as an opportunity to learn it all again in the next week.

More things I know (assuming I remember them) soon ...


Brighton Pensioner said...

I'm sure my old granny would have found something very philosophical to say to you. All I can think of at the moment is that you live and learn, die and forget the lot. Or, "It'll be all the same a hundred years from now". Hope that helps 'cos, like you, I like to be helpful ;-)

joeh said...

Most of these sound like corollaries to "Murphy's Law"!

Sarah said...

Thanks BP - Its a comfort :-)

Sometimes I think Murphys having a bit of a laugh with me Joe - he always seems to be hanging around ...

Sarah said...

Accidently deleted your comment E - so sorry!! But thank you anyway, it's lovely to see you back xx