Thursday, 14 May 2015

Wookiees and Watches

God, those FB quizzes!!!

Do you get sucked in???

I DO ... occasionally ... sometimes ... when I'm bored ... hardly ever!!

So one of my 'friends' did one about how many children were you meant to have and I gave it a go.

I got 15!!!

FIFTEEN for god's sake - I practically FELT my uterus wince!

I moved on pretty quickly to 'What Kind Of Alien Are You?' because frankly, that seemed less scary and guess what I got??

You got: Wookiee

You’re cool and unpretentious, and extremely loyal to your friends and family. You have a lot of talents, and you’re generally a helpful person to have around.


Seriously, I've written many MANY post about how helpful I am, I even titled one 'Sarah Helps Out' and then there was this one 'Helpful (Oh Yes I Am)' and, as you know, there are LOADS of other examples on this blog of just how helpful I am!

(obviously I am FAR too unpretentious to link to them though ....)

And then check THIS out and tell me those FB quizzes don't know what they are talking about!

I went into Boots the other day with Miss Mac as she wanted some photos from her phone printed out to go in the year book she is putting together as a reminder of her school days.

Standing at the counter waiting to be served I glanced over at the next till where a very young lad, tall and skinny, was serving someone.

I nudged Miss Mac and whispered:

'Have you SEEN the size of his watch?'

(It was HUGE - like about 3" across and it looked even bigger on his skinny wrist).

Miss Mac looked a little startled and frowned at me.

'Look' I said, 'it's MASSIVE - why would you want one that big?'.

She continued to look puzzled and, to be honest, just a little scared.

'L O O K  A T  I T'   I insisted - I've never seen one that big before - just LOOK at it!'

She shrugged and leaned over the counter and stared at his nether regions.

'What are you DOING' I hissed pulling her back.

'I'm looking at his cro ....

'WATCH - I told you to look at his WATCH!!!'


Feisty Cat said...

I have two comments, no three. One, I don't take FB quizzes, but I do read every crap post and then regret it. Two, you are totally a Wookie. And Chewbacca is one of my favorite characters: Tall, dark, and hairy. What's there not to love? (I'd probably get Ewok: short, mottled, and furry.) Three (actually, I think that's four), you must be so much fun to shop with. XOXO, FC

joeh said...

I don't do those Facebook things. I don't know how, but I'm pretty sure some clown makes money every time you respond.

The watch thing is funny because most daughters would never hear crotch for watch, yours did...personally I think that is a good thing.

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

My weakness is believing those ruddy fb quizzes 'What do you mean I would be Snow White if I were a Disney Princess?? Clearly I would be Belle' etc etc. Also - I have a bad trick of watching endless animal rescue videos on there and sometimes being so horrified that I have to be a vegetarian again :( I watched a video of what I thought was a cute pig last Friday and then spent the whole evening in tears.

Polly said...

LOL, brilliant and so funny. Every time I do one of those quizzes I say "never again" then I do another and another!!

K Ville said...

how was his crotch though? Is the watch size related, you know...like shoe size or the inverse bonnet (car not hat!) length? I think this is actually a survey worth taking. Can you do it for a week then post up the copy of the local paper in which you are reported - ta :)