Friday, 19 June 2015

So, it's time for Fly On The Wall again and the chance to wander through the last month of life in the Mac household ...

I think I'll start each of these posts with a little look back at past years courtesy of FB's 'On This Day' which tells me what I posted each day in previous years and, if I can remember, a little synopsis of why I posted what I did:

'Has either a mouse and a hamster, a hamster and no mouse or just a mouse ..............'

It turns out that I DID have a mouse AND a hamster (Russian hamsters look very similar to mice) and this one lived very happily in my kitchen evading every attempt to catch it humanely for about 2 months popping out each evening to wander around my dining room and laugh at me.  It was eventually caught when I opened the bin one day to put some rubbish in and saw it happily munching on a apple core.  Given that it had not only  had free bed and board for several weeks but had also chewed a hole in the back of my sofa AND eaten it's way through the box my hair straighteners were in before peeing on them I had no qualms in tying up the bag and putting it in the black bin outside where it had 2 days to eat it's way through anything else it could find and reflect upon it's free loading ways before the rubbish collection the following Monday!

'Can't wait until the cats asleep so I can jump on her, headbutt her and shout in her face!'

Anyone who has a cat can, I'm sure, sympathise with THIS one 

'So I accidentally clicked on the astrology app and it told me to 'listen to myself' - I'm struggling to remember the last time I was given such bad advice ....

Note to self: remember BEFORE stepping back from hanging out the washing that there is a swimming pool behind you!!!

Yep, ended up doing this weird dance as I swung around and lost my balance - I ended up with one foot in the pool - toppled over and put both my hands down to save myself - kind of like apple bobbing with your own head!

it's a bit early in the day to already be in the mood to bite somebody!

Hmmm, Monsieur la Architect he has returned ............... And then I commented :  although he is a very nice man as it happens but it all seems like too much effort, think I'll stick with the chickens, you know where you are with a chicken!

This must have been while I was still dabbling with online dating a few years ago - sadly I have no recollection at all of  Monsieur la Architect.

Having discovered several purple items in the washing basket I'm off to buy some big purple pants so that I have a full load by Friday.

This was after a conversation with a friend where I discovered that he not only just washes the same colour things together but will also decide what to wear based on what already needs washing ....

Are they really your legs?

A comment posted on a photo of me in the garden - My response - No Bev, they're a spare pair I keep in the cupboard under the stairs specifically for photo opportunities ....

Sometimes just not wearing your clothes inside out can seem like an achievement.

I have many such days ...

I can tell the difference again, white paint arse, blue paint, elbow!

It's always nice to clarify as for some peculiar  reason there often seems to be some doubt that I can tell the difference but after painting the bathroom with beach hut stripes I was fairly confident that I could now ...

More questions I ask myself - is it odd that I have two sets of ores when I don't appear to own a boat ...?

I still have no idea why I had them!

Things Miss Mac says that have me wondering 'Who's child could she possibly be ....?'

Glancing at me Miss Mac says - 'Oh my god Mum, I just had this really weird vision of you with a triangular head'

Asking her how her exams were going she replied - 'Well, you know Mum, It's a real roller cycle'.

Whilst watching her perform some personal grooming SITTING ON THE SOFA! - 'You know what would be really great Mum?  If someone invented a TOENAIL MACHINE.

'You know Dodo's Mum?  Well, I reckon  if they hadn't been so stupid they might have evolved '(I think that might possibly be called stating the bleedin' obvious my sweet ...)

Things that SD says that kind of make sense:

Whilst picking up yet again after Miss Mac - 'You know, she just seems to SECRETE mess - she's like some kind of giant mollusc!

SD struggling to do some DIY: 'Sarah, can you come and hold my wood?' - Me (thinking I'm being oh, SO funny) 'Is that a euphemism?' snigger ....  - SD (rather impatiently I thought ...) - 'No, it's a fecking piece of wood!!!'

Things I made a note of to use in this post and now have no bloody idea WHAT I was talking about ....

Walrus, Dolphin, Seahorses, Sealion, giant penis ...

Is that tea on your foot?

Thought I was naked ...

How big is your mouth - it looks like a nipple (not sure if those two went together or what I was talking about!)

Cereal 30 minutes - lets play the spoons ...

I seem to have cooked his teabag!

In other news:

Miss Mac had her final exam yesterday.  It was the last day she will wear her school uniform and that makes me a little sad ...

On their last official day at school (excluding exams) they had a leavers BBQ and were allowed to wear their own clothes.  Many, many photos and video were taken and I love this one of Miss Mac with 3 of her friends from way back before they started secondary school - friendships that are still going strong now and will hopefully continue into the future.

That's my gorgeous girl on the far right.

She and her friends wanted matching friendship bracelets for themselves and their favourite teacher.  Having discovered that friendship bracelets were not to be found in our town we checked out a couple of You tube videos and made our own!

It's turned into a bit of an obsession ...

Now if Miss Mac would only oblige by growing a few more arms we'd be sorted!

SD and I have been getting ready for the Summer.  Weeks have been spent building a deck in the new van over the Lpg tank so that we have somewhere to sleep when the first really big festival kicks off THIS WEEKEND!!

We have also been getting the beach buggy ready.

Now this thing is FUN!!!

It's got a turbo engine and was built for drag racing so it goes like shit off a shovel.  It's not really designed for road use as it is although it is road legal so it need a few tweaks before we take it on regular trips to the beach.  Meanwhile we are taking it out for short hops and towing it to shows but I can't wait until we can use it properly in the way we want to.

Later in the Summer we will be taking it to Swanage for the huge festival they have there.  The carnival kicks off with a parade led by the beach buggies.  I think last year there were about 30 different ones all shapes, sizes and colours.

Apparently this year there is going to be fancy dress and the theme is Super Hero's.  After much debate SD has persuaded me that I should go as Xena, Warrior Princess which I've kind of agreed to based on the fact that the only people I know who will see me will be dressed in something equally ridiculous.

I think SD has a somewhat idealistic image of me ....

I suggested SD should go as Thor - Ok, he's not quite as muscle bound but he does have the right hair - I even offered to buy a metal mixing bowl from TKMaxx to make him a helmet but he wasn't keen on coming with me to try some on for size - I can't think why not ....

I could SO make this with a bit of sticky backed plastic ...

What else ....

Oh, SD and I went to Bristol to see Pop Will Eat Itself, an alternative English rock band from the late 80's who I really like but almost the best thing about it was the venue.  It was on a BOAT - The Thekla, an old cargo ship which has been turned into a show boat/nightclub.  

How cool is this venue??

Miss Mac and friend went to see 1D in Cardiff - I have NEVER seen so many people - we picked them up at 10:30 and finally arrived home at 2am (normally a 95 minute journey).  Miss Mac was hugely excited to have nabbed a plectrum thrown into the crowd by McBusted who were the support act AND to have Harry Styles wave and blow her a kiss as she jumped up and down waving at him (I keep telling her there are advantages to being tall!).

We've also got tickets to see Madness and Public Image Ltd later in the year and Miss Mac is off to London to see Ed Sheeran so more music related stuff later.

And finally ...

I've been having a lovely time potting up plants for my garden.

Thanks to some incredible generosity from my neighbours who grow lots of plants from seed I have managed to fill several pots with plants that will look gorgeous in a few weeks as well as planting up some tomatoes in an old Belfast sink - nothing beats the taste of home grown tomatoes - all for absolutely free!

Some of my tomato plants in the Belfast sink - some are planted further up in the garden.

Just a few of my pots - there are a few troughs and a couple of other pots too - more photos as they grow :-)

And that's about it for this month I think but there's plenty happening over the summer so watch this space!

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Karen @Baking In A Tornado said...

I can't stop picturing that whole hanging the wash and ending up in the pool fiasco. But I'm not giggling at you, I'm giggling with you, right?
And that beach buggy? I'm so jealous!

Feisty Cat said...

Your daughter is gorgeous, just like her mum. XO, FC

Eileen B. said...

LOL @ the hamster. I remember my DH telling me about the pet hamster that got loose and bred with a mouse. Very interesting.

StacySews andSchools said...

SO COOL! I want a beach buggy!!!!!

Carol Graham said...

So many funny moments. Talking about wearing your pants inside out. A few years ago we were at a fancy Christmas dinner of about 150 people. I noticed that one of the ladies sitting at our table was wearing her pants inside out. When there seemed to be a quiet appropriate moment, I whispered into her ear to tell her. She responded "Yes, I know. The other side is dirty." Almost fell off my chair

Dawn Gardner said...

Falling in the pool while hanging out laundry sounds like something that would happen to me.

Minette Langston said...

I can see myself falling into the pool......Don't feel alone.

karen said...

that's an impressive garden and I would ride around in the beach buggy all day...so cool! I think you'd rock as Zena.

Robin Allen said...

I can see the Xena comparison.

You had a lot going on in the last month!

Holly Hollyson said...

I have given up on the mice in my apartment - I just won't feed them now is all. Every so often I find a little poop, but there isn't much else I can do - I did catch one once and release it several miles away but, with a old apartment and not being the only person in it, in the middle of a built up city, it is pretty hard!!!

Congrats Miss Mac and good luck for the future!!

That beach buggy looks v excellent.

Polly said...

lol, your posts are such a tonic :-)

Sarah said...

Awww crap - I haven't replied to any of the comments on this! If you pop back then thank you! I really DO appreciate ALL the comments x

Holly Hollyson said...

Agreed with comment above - your posts are such a tonic. Just can't believe the scrapes that you get yourself into! Ask Miss Mac what the toenail machine would do?? Sounds really dangerous.