Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Yarn Bombing Sarah Style

I meant to write a post a couple of months ago after walking into town and discovering it had been yarn bombed.

Maybe I DID write a post about it ....

Did I ...??

I can't remember and of course I'm FAR too lazy to check back ...

Anyway, if I did apologies - If I DIDN'T then here are some photos of my town all knitted out (sorry, I know making them xlarge means they spill over the edge of the page - one day I'll work out how to stop that ...):

Doesn't it look amazing?

Most of the yarn bombing was concentrated in Bath Place, an historic street that lies off the high street.

Bath place is quite unique with little independent shops on one side including gift and craft shops, galleries and a book shop as well as the WI Market and a fishmongers and, on the other side, a row of the prettiest houses with small front gardens.

If you ever visit Taunton take a stroll down Bath Place, you won't be disappointed.

The yarn bombers had also been out in force in Goodlands Gardens, a favourite stretch of greenery for me that runs alongside the river in the centre of town and also houses my favourite coffee shop, The Shed (where they give you shot glasses of smarties with your coffee!).

They filled trees, lined railings, covered benches and even bombed a London taxi!:

Several other places were yarn bombed too including the library and a couple of churches.

I liked this one at St James church just up the road from me:

ANYWAY - back to me - isn't it ALWAYS about me ....

I'm no knitter - seriously - I KIND of know how to knit but, as I've said before, I don't do corners and I don't do casting off so if you want a never ending scarf them I'm your girl!

I do do other stuff though (you may say 'she said do do' and chuckle at this point - I did ...).

And I have IDEAS, and I START stuff and often it's either a huge disaster or I just don't finish it but, I am a little crafty in my own way and one thing I do love to do is make something special and homemade for Miss Mac for her Birthdays and Christmas to kind of off set all the stuff that just cost money and to give her something made with love.


While we were in Cornwall I obviously trawled the Charity shops.  I had several good finds and one that I was uncertain of.


It's one of those things you stick on the wall and put photos etc in.

Not really my kind of thing but Miss Mac likes hearts and Miss Mac likes photos.  So much so that she is taking photography at A'level and I thought, well, maybe it could be useful  when she's trying to organise groups of photos.  It could give her a different perspective if they are up on the wall rather than grouping them on a table etc.

Anyway, it was only 3 quid so I thought I'd buy it, spray it white or something and see what she thought.


I had one of my ideas didn't I?

Like I said, I don't knit and I don't crotchet but I CAN make friendship bracelets and I do know several different knotting techniques so why not use then to decorate this heart thing??

Why not YARN BOMB IT???

I'll tell you why not!!!

There are 101 of those little loops around the outside - there are 19 hearts and there are god know how many individual pieces of edging to do.


Added to which the yarn (I'm using embroidery thread gets caught up in everything and some of the bits are too close together to be able to wrap the tread neatly.

But obviously I'm giving it a go anyway.

Thank god I have until Christmas to finish it, it's taking AGES as it's so fiddly and I can only do it when Miss Mac isn't around.  The rest of the time it's hidden under the sofa (but don't tell her that ok?).

So far I've got this:

It's not perfect and I may well unpick and do some of the bits again once I'm finished (If I can bring myself to).  I've been working on it on and off for about 10 days and I'm learning as I go along which knots work best and look neatest.  Mostly I've decided it should have a rustic, multi coloured look because that seems to be how it's turning out.

Hopefully the finished thing will look bright and cheerful and she will like it.


Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

Oh wow! What amazing pictures. I've never seen anywhere yarn bombed. And your yarn bombing is going to be so sweet! It will certainly keep you out of trouble between now and Christmas.

Or perhaps not... xx

Sarah said...

Doesn't it look great Emma Kate? They left it up for two weeks and it was really sad to see it go. Mine is going to be very homespun but cheerful and I WILL finish it!!! As for keeping me out of trouble .... Well, check the blog tomorrow, it's not going well so far ... xx

Feisty Cat said...

I've never heard of yarn bombing. I learn so much from you. : ) The photos are fantastic. Good luck with the project. I do not sew or knit or embroider. I hear once you start, you're stuck for life. xx

Val said...

What a magical place! Though I will refrain from sitting on the bench with the sharp-toothed gaping maw.

Around here, they just toss the toilet paper over everything.

That looks like the perfect gift for a photo aficionado. You have your work cut out for you. You're off to a good start!

Sarah said...

I don't know where yarn bombing came from FC and although I'd heard of it I'd never seen it before. I'm the exception to the rule I think regarding craft stuff - I start and never finish but this one will be different! xx

It was like stepping into a fairytale Val and I did see some people brave enough to sit on the bench despite the teeth. I hope the photo thing turns out as well as I imagine it in my head, we shall see.