Thursday, 4 February 2016

Postie - The Luckiest Little Black Cat

Meet Postie

This has surely got to be THE luckiest kitten around right now!

On Tuesday evening SD (that's Surfer Dude for those new to Fudge) was at the farm.  He noticed that one of the covers on the Beach Buggy had worked loose during the recent windy weather so he went to check on it.

Bearing in mind that the Beach Buggy is housed in a carport along side the house backing on to a field and possibly weeks go by without anyone venturing down there.

While he was re-covering the Buggy he heard a noise and went to investigate.

He found Postie, one of two 14 week old kittens that live at the farm caught up in the barbed wire stock fence between the carport and the field.

Poor Postie had the barbed wire wrapped around her body and she was hanging upside down totally trapped.

SD and his Dad carefully cut the kitten away from the fence but she still had the wire wrapped around her belly and front leg.

Despite the fact that she must have been in a huge amount of pain and completely terrified she didn't struggled and purred and rubbed her head against them the whole time.

SD popped her into a cat box and rushed her to the vets.

Now, to be perfectly honest with you, on farms cats are mostly seen as rodent control.  They don't tend to get a huge amount of attention and mostly they are left to get on with things rather than being particularly pampered.

SD's Dad has always had a slightly different view.  He's not your typically hardened farmer and he always makes a bit of a fuss of the cats at the farm.  They do live outside but they are fed twice a day and he always has a kind word and a rough stroke for them.  As a result they tend to congregate around the door of the farmhouse and Postie and her sister were born in a box in the porch.

Postie was named in a hurry by SD as the vets needed a name for their records.  The postman had taken a particular fancy to one of the kittens and had offered it a home although he hadn't yet actually taken it.  SD assumed this was his kitten as it was so friendly and the other one tended to be a little more timid.

After first thinking that the wire might have gone right through her the vet discovered that it was just fairly deeply embedded and they were able to remove it without too much trouble.

Postie has lost the very tip of her tail which probably wont be noticeable once the fur grows back and she is sporting a row of stitches along her belly right now which will be removed in about 10 days or so but she's so lucky to be alive.

If SD hadn't gone down there ...  If the wire had caught around her neck ...

It really doesn't bear thinking about!

SD is struggling slightly with the size of the vets bill so far and the thought that there is more to come but I know that despite his grumbles he wouldn't do anything differently.

I think it's probably going to means revising any plans he has for my Birthday next month but you know what?  I don't care.

Postie is going to be just fine and that's all that really matters isn't it?


joeh said...

Unlucky to get caught in the wire, but I have a feeling Postie is going to get some special treatment for quite a while.

Polly said...

ahhh I do like a happy ending. I'm so glad they rescued her in time. Maybe the little black cat will bring you some good luck for your birthday :-) On a different note Sarah, I commented on your lost followers a while ago, saying they would probably be back after the January blues, I'm sorry I didn't mean to be flippant, I was getting mixed up with visitors and followers! I've since read a lot more comments about lost followers. x

Sarah said...

I think you could be right Joe. Postie is being spoilt rotten tight now and is one very happy little cat.

Me too Polly, it was pure luck that SD happened to go down there, it could have been so different! Don't worry about the followers thing, I guessed what you meant. It's been a pretty confusing time for all of us not knowing what was going on. I still don't fully understand it or the reasons for it but it seems to have stopped for now anyway x

SARN said...

Aww, I like a tail(!) that ends happily (if a little shorter) too!

I confess I'm not a cat lover, but would never see ANY animal suffer so I'm glad SD found her in time and could help her.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

Me too Sam. SD isn't a cat lover either and he is struggling with seeing all next months 'fun money' go into the vets pocket but even he is being won over a little by Posties fighting spirit and lovely nature.

Val said...

Well, it looks like you're getting a cat for your birthday!

Holly said...

Ahhh - little Postie! Thank goodness for you guys, you are right, it would have been a horrendous way to go otherwise :( Get well soon Postie! Keep us up to date!

Sarah said...

The perfect present Val (I was going to say purrfect but that's just too corny isn't it?).

Postie is doing really well Holly. She had a check up on Friday and was quite happy to be poked and prodded. Another check up tomorrow and hopefully she will have her stitched out on Friday. She's a very happy little kitten :-)