Thursday, 21 July 2016

Things That Have Been Making Me Laugh Lately

This morning:

Me: Examining my hair reflectively in the mirror:

'Do you think I should dye my hair SD?'

SD: 'No, your hair is lovely just as it is' (Awww )

And then:

SD: 'And it's age appropriate' (ok, not quite so Awww ...)

nb:  SD is NOT a reliable source where hair is concerned as HE thinks it looks great like this!

A couple of weeks ago when visiting Mum at the nursing home we pulled into the car park which overlooked the small garden.

As we got out of the car:

SD: In horror -  'What  are those?'  and with a certain amount of trepidation and possibly fear:

'Are they ... are they ...   HAIR PIECES???'

SO tempted to say yes!

My sister phoned me the day before Mum was due to come home to run through all the stuff we needed to remember to bring back with her.

Everything seemed pretty normal, clothes, toiletries, hairbrush etc and then she added:

'Oh, and we mustn't forget the poo tray!'

'Good GOD' I said - 'What the hell IS THAT???'

'You know the one' she went on (I most certainly did NOT!) - 'The one Mum has underneath her when she's sitting in the chair - I brought it from home because the one's they had weren't really big enough (too much information!)  - I expect Mum will need it when she gets home and anyway, it's mine and I use it so I wouldn't want to leave it behind' (for the record - I bloody did!).


'What exactly is it for' I was half afraid to ask  (although it seemed fairly self explanatory ...)

'It's so she can keep her ankle elevated Sis replied.

THANK GOD!!!  The thing she wanted to bring home was a POUFEE!!!

Sis and I took Mum out on Tuesday - the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures hitting the mid 30's and I'm pushing a wheelchair around town!

It was a blessed relief to get into a shop with air conditioning.

Mum wanted to buy something and at the checkout was a very cute baby in a pram who smiled at us.

'Isn't he lovely' said the lady behind the till.

'Yes' said Mum - 'What a shame they have to grow up'

Gee THANKS Mum - I've just pushed you 2 sodding miles through town in the blistering heat and you wish I'd never grown up ...

Then later she had the cheek to tell me I looked terrible because I was bright red in the face and sweating buckets - next time she can push ME - see how she likes that!


joeh said...

Funny stuff, and SD is right your hair does look good in that pic.

Val said...

Heh, heh! POO TRAY! I was getting worried about what that was used for. That age-appropriate hair comment reminds me of the time my husband said he liked my skirt. "It reminds me of a circus tent."

Debs said...

I can't wait to get old so I can say insulting things and get away with it ;)

Sarah said...

Must be a man thing Joe - I yearn to look well groomed just once in a while but SD loves it best when I'm windswept and makeup free.

I KNOW Val - POO TRAY!!! I think SD and Hick would get along like a house on fire!

Oh, me too Debs, ME TOO! Although I might just start practicing on Mum now so I can get my own back little ;-)

SARN said...

Well you DO look amazing. I wish I looked that good. I've gone silver and I'm the same age as you! I have to say I love it. I dyed my hair for over 20 years and it is very liberating not to have to do it every few weeks.

I don't want one of SD's mops on my head though!

Hope your mum continues to improve health wise. Don't think there's much you can do about her way with words!

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

Thank you Sarn - I've got this streak right through the front of my hair like Cruella Deville, I like to think that when I dye it it looks like a sun kissed streak (but I may be kidding myself). Still, it IS preferable to one of those mop heads (can you imagine it though if they HAD been hair pieces :-) ).

Can't do a lot with Mum to be honest and I'm not sure it's entirely due to age either - she's always had a way with words. Fortunately she's a good sport so we can tease her about it. Health wise though she is so much better thanks xx

Holly said...

Poo tray - awesome! I have embraced my grays lately. Not sure how much longer I will be able to though!