Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Inspired by my dear friend K I thought I'd post a few of the photos I've been taking lately ...

One day last week I woke up to blue, cloudless skies so I put aside everything I had been meaning to do and took off on my bike.

I had planned to ride along the river but I was drawn to the canal instead.

I'm so lucky that this is literally just at the end of my road.

Once I started I didn't know where to stop so I carried on for about 5 miles just drinking in the beauty of the Somerset countryside at it's best in Autumn.

The first lock at Firepool

I love the lazy meander of the canal with it's still water and the bicycle propped against the fence

A couple of miles in and there is a row of canal boats tied up for the winter - it looks like someone is still using this one.

Some of the bridges are so low I have to duck to ride under them and the path narrows so one wobble and I'd be IN the canal!

On the other side of the bridge the countryside opens out into fields, it's SO beautiful!

And the same bridge on the way back

Someone has built the tiniest of summer houses at the bottom of their garden right on the edge of the canal.  It's just big enough for a single chair - what a perfect place to sit and just be ...

SD and I had a bonfire at the farm - I could watch the flames for hours.

But I went for a wander along the pretty lanes and fields.

Where the sun and the light at this time of year are just stunning!

Yesterday a few of us planted some spring bulbs around the trees in the wildlife garden at the park - hopefully I will be able to show you some lovely flowers in a few months.

Finally - my gorgeous girl dressed up for Halloween on dress up day at work.

Such a lot more to share but words are evading me at the moment in a way that photos never do.

Back soon :-)


Treey Stynes said...

Some good photographs. Lovely weather.

Val said...

YIKES! That last one got me! Quite masterful on your part, enticing me to scroll slowly through those lovely pastoral photos, then stopping my heart with that picture of your little ghoul.

Also frightening, I had just started reading, and for some reason my mind picked out this phrase to stand alone: "...so I carried on for about 5 miles just drinking."

Holly Hollyson said...

Great Halloween make up! I always wanted to own a barge. For a long time it was a dream/fantasy of mine. To live in one instead of a house. It wasn't a very practical idea though!

K Ville said...

what's your favourite tree? I don't know why I ask but I would like to know, this post made me think about it.

(I like the 3rd photo best - I like the reflection of the colours)

Sarah said...

Thanks Treey, it was a beautiful day!

Ha ha Val, funny how that happens sometimes (although not in real life this time) - Miss Macs makeup was great wasn't it?

I like the idea too Holly, they are just so serene :-)

Gosh, that's made me think K ... it's difficult because I like different trees for different reasons.

I love Hornbeams for their symmetry, I love the Miribelle plum tree at the park when it's in fruit and the entire underside is laden with tiny yellow plums, I love the smell of the Bay tree in my garden and the Victoria plum and the Bramley at the farm when they are in blossom but I have a special fondness for the May tree in the churchyard just up the road from my house - there's something old fashioned and comforting about it - it just makes me happy with it's tiny pink flowers :-) (ps.I like that photo too) x