Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Say Sandwich!!!

Yes Joe, I STOLE your post title!!!

For those who have no idea what that title means take a look at this post and all will be explained.

So Yesterday I was doing a little sorting out.  There's been a lot of that going on around here in the last few months.

For reasons I won't go into detail about now I have been getting my house (literally and figuratively) into order.  Putting things in place, sorting finances, getting paperwork straight.

Now it strikes me that I'm making it all sound a little sinister!  Fear not Fudgers, it's all good here I'm just looking to clear the decks and have a fresh start.

Anyway, yesterday was the turn of the top of one of the wardrobes!

I knew there was stuff up there but I'll confess it had been some considerable time since I'd known exactly what that stuff may be.

As it turned out there were all the baby records including discharge papers from the hospital and new born photos taken by the hospital photographer.

There were also many cards hand made by the children, a couple of defunct desk fans and a bag of Christmas presents from years ago that I'd completely forgotten about.

There were also a few old school reports and several text books belonging to Miss Mac from when she first started school.

And rather a lot of dust ...

Of course I ignored the dust and sat down on the bedroom floor amid the mess that I had made to read those books from cover to cover and I laughed, and I cried and I laughed until I cried.

Want to see why?


(go on, read that post - you know you want to!).

Well, the first book I read was clearly an English book.  It was full of spelling tests, comprehension and, the best bit, stories about Miss Mac's weekends.

This was the first entry in March 2006:

Would any Muthers Day be complete without flours, some cack and a braslut?

I think not ...

Then I turned the page and it got even better!

I want to go to a party where they play my oozicol statuous (2 times!) and have singing cone tests!

I want to go to a party where they have kack and gine pigs.

And then ...


Funnily enough it happens to be Shrove Tuesday today and so I will be making pancakes for Miss Mac and I.

SD, very oddly in my opinion, isn't a fan of pancakes - this I cannot comprehend.

Perhaps he is scarred by the childhood belief that what he is being offered is in fact 'Pancocks'!!!

Finally, I could really empathise with Miss Mac's teacher with this one:

Because I too was worried that I might not ever stop laughing.

Happy Pancake Day everyone!


SARN said...

Perhaps, in honour of it being Shrove Tuesday, you should rename this post "Say Pancocks"?

A fun post, as ever . . . good luck with the tidy up/clear out/fresh start.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

joeh said...

Sarn above is right on!

joeh said...

Actually should be "Say Pancake"

Di said...

Oh Sarah - you crack me up every time! Happy Shrove Tuesday :)


Di xx

Val said...

Pancocks are sometimes too sticky, and make a mess.

SARN said...

Came back to see what you might have said in response to my comment . . . LOVE both Joe's remarks, and, of course it should be "Say Pancake" in line with the original joke! Dammit! Never was good with jokes!

Also gotta say I sniggered at Val's comment! LOL!

Hug, Sarn xxx

Sarah said...

Joe was spot on Sarn, damn, I missed that one too! ;-) The fresh start is at the stage where I'm making lots of mess at the moment but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Might be a post on it all at some point xxx

Soooo right Joe, wish I'd thought of that!

Hope you had plenty of pancakes Di :-) xx

A sticky pancock is never a good thing Val, especially on a Tuesday!