Friday, 22 April 2011

I Name These Flip Flops Chicken Shit!

I tend to deal with quite a lot of shit on a day to day basis.

Dog shit, cat shit, hamster shit, bullshit all kinds of shit really ….... But now it coming round to that time of year again.


total cuteness

I quite like chickens and Alpacas, (purely because they both make this really cute chuckling sound).

But chicken SHIT, well, it really is just 'fowl'! (sorry, didn't resist, should have!)

I love the idea of chickens and I love my neighbour Janet for keeping chickens in her garden which is roughly 3 times the size of mine and should BE mine!

Janets Garden

Should be mine!

I also love that Janet has a VW camper van and spends most of the weekends in the Summer visiting the VW shows leaving me chicken sitting (or chicken shitting as it's become known as in my house).

A wopper from Esmerelda

Janet chickens are ex battery hens and are kept as pets with the eggs being an added bonus.

They live in the relative freedom of a very large Aviary at the bottom of her garden where they can wander around, peck at the ground and feel the sun on their mostly bare backsides.

They aren't pretty chickens but they are HAPPY chickens. They also produce enough guano to fertilize a small farm!

Janet, like me, likes to give things names, thus the chicken are called Esmerelda, Clarissa, Hortence and Prudence.

We don't just draw the line at naming animals in my family though.

My daughter once had a blister called Phil and a plaster named Jeff.

Meet Jeff

A friend of mine has great names for all her neighbours, something Im working on at the moment with mine. Chloe, I totally ADORE Van Slag!!!

I wonder, do other people name 'things' ? Do you?


Anonymous said...

My son had a spot on his forehead, and it just wouldn't go so we started to refer to it as his Best Friend - turned out the reason it wouldn't go was because it was actually a mole that he had tried to pull off, thinking it was a spot....He still calls it his Best Friend though!

Sarah Mac said...

The best kind of friend, one that's not easily detached :)!

Gee said...

I love this! 'its chickin shit time' is just so catchy! Me and my friend grew some geranium clones in biology, and we named them Gemima and Patrick. Doesn't beat Jeff the plaster though...