Friday, 15 April 2011

An Orange kind of mood

I was asked the other day, do I ever have moody days?
Days? No. Moments? Yes.
Sometimes quite a lot of moments in the same day, and sometimes (to the untrained eye) those moments may seem to overlap slightly.
I do cross pretty well (and get REALLY cross when my crossness is not taken seriously!) and occasionally I do irrational ( and yes, I can HEAR you, it's got nothing to do with the fact that I'm a woman OK?).
Most of it takes place on a weekday, term time mornings. (I am not a morning person).
I like to get up early purely so that I can have half an hours undisturbed peace, that is MY time, animals I can just about cope with, people I cant!
To be fair I also don't really like to inflict myself on others before I've had at least one cup of tea so its not completely selfish.
My children are fairly well trained. We don't speak in the mornings, communication is done through a series of grunts and pointing, it suits us, we like it.
The Children Realise They Have Forgotten To Tell Me Something!
Case in point, eight forty on a Tuesday morning and all was well until!
'Mum, its (something or other day, I forget what) today at school and I have to wear something ORANGE'!
'Of course honey, lets just pop upstairs and choose something from your ORANGE drawer shall we'.............
At least I THOUGHT that's what Id said.
Both the children, the dog and the cat all looked like they had been frozen in a wind tunnel, hair streaming back, eyes wide and filled with terror and I realised that all around me were the shredded remains of the loaf of bread Id been holding.
This all seemed to indicate that something quite different MAY have come out of my mouth.
So YES, I do moody (in a minor kind of way)

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