Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have had the inspired idea of setting up a file, I have called it 'inspiration'.  The plan is, that instead of compulsively writing anything and everything down as soon as I can after it happens (which is why many of my postings are in the early hours!) I shall keep snippets, snapshots and reminders that I can dip in and out of.

There is no cohesion to my blog, what you get is whatevers in my head at any given moment.

Given that many things dont stay in my head for long and Im often left grasping at things that shimmer and disappear this seems to be the answer.

Before I discovered the 'Wonderful World of Blogging' most of my rambles appeared in the form of FB status updates and then later, (the expanded version) was inflicted on the innocent victims of the dating website.

NOW, I have YOU!!!

I decided the best place to start was with the aforementioned Face Book so, bearing in mind that I do tend to post quantites of rubbish I thought I just trawl back as far as the begining of this year, see if I'd said/done anything vaguely amusing, interesting or illegal.

My first status update for 2011 posted at 2:08am on Jan 1st read:

"woke up with a bang (sadly fireworks related)"

Such is my life ...................


Romina Garcia said...

I think you and I are going to get along just fine...:-)

Tori said...

I too am a blogger because Facebook couldn't hold all my ramblings (and getting defriended 'cause you're becoming annoying kinda sucks). Love your blog! :)

Sarah Mac said...

Thank you both, I visited both your blogs and looked at the latest postings (I know I will be returning to both to read more!).

Romina, yours had me nodding my head and thinking 'my god, she is sooo right'!

Tori, your photos and accompanying comments are hillarious!

I found I wasnt so much being defriended on Facebook as ignored :) so in retaliation I began commenting on friends posts and hmmm, I found I had a whole new audience (friends of friends) to ignore me!!

Anonymous said...

I think that reading your blog is ging to be both amusing and somewhat inspirational. I have begun my blog at the suggestion of my daughter who knows what a basket case I can become when my partner isn't around..It too seemsat the moment to be a collection of ramblings that I hope make enjoyable reading to the few who have stumbled across me.