Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fake Tan and Fuller Earth

I recently took part in a listography over at Kate takes 5. The subject was Products you Couldn’t Do Without.

When I tried to reply to the comments some kind people had left on my post Blogger decided to shut down on me leaving me very frustrated. Then my monitor went bang! Well, it was more of a pop to be honest but the end result was the same, NO COMPUTER!!

Well, I’m back up and running but the moment has passed really for individual replies so I thought I’d throw the whole lot in the pot and write a post instead.

Top of my list of things I couldn’t do without was cat litter, it seems I’m not alone: Would it work for the Minis Fancy wondered? You could be on to something there!

if only I had a Dumpapoo
This I think would work best at times when the Minis are immobile. In the car for instance, I’m thinking the commode car seat!! It could be a winner and would solve the whole stopping on the hard shoulder for a quick nappy change scenario.

The commode pushchair, forget the bugaboo, this seasons must have, The Dumpapoo!

Hmm, well, this got me thinking. There must be LOADS of uses for cat litter, maybe there’s an untapped market out there.

Nel mentioned how crunchy it is under bare feet first thing in the morning when you pad downstairs in search of a morning cup of tea.

Oh yes, with you there Nel, many’s the morning I’ve done the cat litter lambada across the kitchen floor, Lego, pah, it’s got NOTHING on cat litter believe me.

Bear (the kittens big brother, although not actually related) is obsessed with tidiness (obviously he is not related to ME either!) and insists on hopping into the litter tray after every tiny offering and covering it up for them. Unfortunately he tends to do this rather vigorously and has thus pebbledashed the back door. By morning this stuff is welded to the UPVC and has to be chiselled off! I’m considering doing the whole of the outside of my house in it. I’ll just wait till it’s raining (oh, hang on, Summer in England? It IS raining) and I’ll just nip outside and throw it at the walls.

Fake Tan was also on the list of must haves. Now, fake tan is a bit of a mystery to some who are scared of ending up orange and streaky. Well, here are my top tips:

1) Go for the gradual build up ones, if you don’t like the colour then after a couple of days, it’s gone.

2) More is better, this isn’t painting by numbers, you don’t need to be precise, slap on more than you think you need to avoid streaking.

3) Hate the smell (which with some reappears every time you get a bit hot) L’Oreal are the least smelly ones I’ve come across.

4) Wait at least an hour for it to fully sink in before going to bed to avoid staining the sheets.

5) Best top tip of all. If you really can’t be arsed with fake tan but want to give you legs a bit of colour, Sally Hansen stocking affect. It’s an instant spray that stays put all day. Slap a bit of moisturiser on first, a few squirts of this stuff and rub in, it covers a multitude of sins and gives you a natural glow.

ok, it's not really mine :(
Feather pillows and stripy bedding. I couldn’t agree more Postcard Pam! My bed looks softer and more inviting the moment I put on the stripy bedding. My favourite at the moment are my blue and white flannel pillowcases, they match my bathroom and my shed, possibly not a key selling point for many but blue and white makes me happy. I’ve also just bought some sheets in ice-cream Sunday stripes, mint green, lemon yellow, soft rose pink (in fact, a little like my garden chairs, hmmm….). you need to try them London Mum and Kate, I can guarantee you wont look back!

this is though

Full fat milk and makeup completed my list. I don’t DO coffee with anything else, like Michelloui, I’d even rather have cream and sod the calories, there are something I just WONT give up!

Make up, Oh yes, it’s saved my life more than once RP, Mum of all Trades and Fussy Eater’s Mum, I’m glad I’m not alone. On the flip side, if I’m ever looking for a bit of sympathy I’ll just go without and wait for the ‘OMG, you look soooo ill’ comments to flood in.

These things are my sanity, I don’t know what I’d do without them, I hope I never have to find out!

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I'm So Fancy said...

Awesome! The Dumparoo! I'm applying for the patent now...:-)