Monday, 28 May 2012


She didn't feel the bubble burst.

Even when she was alone in the cocoon she was never lonely.  Love, hope, promises, belief.  They all kept her company.  They gave her strength, gave her faith.

When the chill wind of reality brushed her cheek with it's icy fingers she wrapped herself in a cloak of fantasy, it's fleece lining a fragile cobweb of comfort.

The world through the iridescent wall of the bubble past her by in a multicoloured hue.

Touching the moisture on her face she expected to find yet more tears.

But the bubble was melting.

Love, hope, promises and belief leached out on to the arid ground, sucking the oxygen from her lungs, the saliva from her mouth, the tears from her eyes and the blood from her veins.

The bubble that had been her protector for so long collapsed in on her, choking her, encasing her, wrapping itself around her arms and legs, tightening, she grew smaller and smaller until, with a sharp snap. she was gone ...


Kelloggs Ville said...

Reality is a bubble pin. It should come with a health warning. Nice writing, if this is you then all I can say is she will grow again. The bubble disappearing allows a new light in, a new growth xxx

Suzi said...

Beautiful writing. Bubbles were made to burst, but we make new ones all shimmery and rainbow.

Sarah said...

Thank you K and Suzie - it is a reflection of me. Maybe the bubble needed to burst so I could appreciate the world on the outside ... X