Monday, 14 May 2012

A Week And A Day

I'm exhausted - too tired right now for words.

My insomnia which is always lurking in the background is back, it keeps me buzzing through the night and in a zombie like trance throughout the day.

BUT, it doesn't stop me getting out there doing things, taking photos and having fun so, rather than not blog at all I give you my week and a day in pictorial format (and I promise, all those stored up posts very soon!).

Last Sunday after a hectic morning carbooting I went to Topsham - I'd only ever passed it before on the way to somewhere else but it was a revelation!

Beautiful Dutch architecture.  A stunning quay.  I could quite happily live there!

On Monday I bought a new dress (yes, Im on a roll ;) - excuse the close up of my boobs but I wanted to show you the detailing.

Tuesday night I went for a walk by the canal and saw this swans nest full of eggs

Closely followed by one slightly pissed off swan ;)

On Saturday I helped SD spruce up his bike ready to sell - such a shame - I like!  But, as he pointed out, he does have a slight excess of vehicles at the moment (the bike wouldn't by MY choice to get rid of!)

On Saturday afternoon I went to Charmouth - somewhere else I'd never been - I always seem to end up at Lyme Regis or Saunton or Seatown when I go that way but Charmouth was great.  So much quieter than Lyme and a river for Gus to play in.  Then on to Lyme for dinner at the Cob Inn - amazing food!

Sunday was spent finishing the prep to decorate my dining room - a room I've never really liked, it doesn't get enough sun and then wallpapering it.

Today I painted it white - please note - it is really bloody hard to see where you have painted white wallpaper with white paint!  It looks a million times lighter and brighter and just fresh and clean - well worth the effort!


Oh, and this morning I had a text from a male friend asking if I'd re-registered on the dating website (I haven't).  He said he's seen a photo and had thought it was me. 

He forwarded the photo to me and at first I couldn't see what he meant at all but then I looked at my profile pic and yes, I kind of see where he's coming from.

In all events, I'm pretty flattered! :)


Not me

So, that's my week and a day - nothing earth shattering - nothing particularly entertaining for you to read - don't worry, plenty of those damned 'things' HAVE happened this week and I will tell you about them when I can clear this fog in my brain.

The best thing to happen this week though was making contact on the other side with one of my favourite bloggers - we have become firm friends over the months in blogland and now, finally, we have taken it that step further and are talking on a more personal level.

I can't tell you how happy that makes me.

I feel I should be doing one of those grateful posts that often pop up but Im too much of a miserable bitch to bother most of the time ;)

Anyway - PP - here's to Mayhem and Malibu (altho I may have to substitute that for vodka ;).

So, what about you lot?  (don't leave me hanging here with no comments like a billy no mates).

What have you been up to?

Have you ever crossed over from blog buddy to real life friend?


Kelloggs Ville said...

You're just playing games with me now....it's my comment and I'm taking it home :p

Sarah said...

Ha ha, sorry K ;) - I didn't delete it, just put it back into draft to edit a bit (whilst STILL managing to leave spelling mistakes!).

Well, I think you should make it a yes - how else are we ever going to have tea and cake??? x