Friday, 1 March 2013

A Photo For Friday

GAAAAAH (or GHAAAA I'm never really sure which it is ;).

Can you believe it's Friday again ALREADY.

After the huge success of my empty Jaffa Cake box last week (you missed it???  How VERY dare you!!! - Read about it here! ... ummm, if you like... ) I'd decided I'd pull out all the stops.

But then I forgot ....

And I haven't really taken many photos this week.

I trawled my gallery for something suitable and the one I found brought to mind an episode of Father Ted - I'm just going to assume here that any kindred spirit knows what I'm talking about ok?

Anyway, Father Ted and Dougal are on holiday in a caravan and Father Ted is trying to explain to Dougal that the cows aren't small they are just far away.

I used this same analogy a while ago when a male friend commented on a photo I'd posted on FB saying something like 'very nice' - My beautiful Miss Mac then commented saying 'you only like it cause it makes her boobs look big'.  Arrrgh - I swear I didn't bring her up to say things like that!

Anyway, ANOTHER male friend also commented saying ' They look smaller to me in this photo'.

Arrrgh again!

So I commented and I said to him - 'Craig, I said - 'it's not that they are smaller, it's that they are far away - about 12000 miles in your case' (Craig lives down under - that's Australia btw, I haven't got him locked in the basement or anything).

Back to the point of this post.

Things like that tend to freak me out too - I mean under and over sized things.  There's a giant cotton bud in Boots the chemist that scares the crap out of me - I have this image in my head of a man (and I'm pretty sure it's only men who do this) trying to shove it into his ear.

So, back AGAIN to the point before I forget it completely!

Miss Mac had a sleepover last weekend where two of her friends came round to help her trash my house and empty my cupboards - I obviously took off to Exeter to see the Kaiser Chiefs and left them to it ;).

Anyway (point/post) - the following morning I came down to find THESE on the coffee table:

Freakishly small rubber bands next to freakishly LARGE hair grips - that's a two pence piece btw for scale (which will only really help if you are from the UK).

Did I miss the fact that her friends had freakishly large heads or something and what possible use could you have for freakishly small rubber bands???  (ok, I'll 'fess up - the bands are for Miss Macs braces to help correct a very small overbite and she took them out and left them on my coffee table!!!!  As Miss Mac would say - GROSS).

Talking of Miss Mac, she informed me this morning that she was going to name her children, LaQeefer, Shaniqua and Bendedick - I'm hoping she really meant Benedict - actually, I'm hoping she never has children ....

And finally - I've started learning Klingon - no really, I have!

So far I can say, Yes, No and It's a good day to die - impressive no?

Laters lovelies ;)


SlapdashMama said...

Ooh are you in the UK? I thought you were Aussie loik moi. Frankly I like the sound of Shaniqua, it has a certain ghetto chic.

SlapdashMama said...

PS I love Father Ted. It wasn't so big round these parts but I loved it sick. My fave episode is the one where they enter Eurovision. "My lovely horse..."

Sarah said...

I'm an almost Aussie Sarah - I spent a few years in Australia in my youth and have Australian citizenship so who knows, maybe one day I'll be back.

Meanwhile I reside in deepest, darkest Zomerzet, home of the cider drinkers and welly wangers.

I adore Father Ted - loved the Euro episode too - My favourite Father Ted line of all time has to be Father Jacks 'I Luv My Brick!'

E. said...

I think Klingon's always think its a good day to die. That would be a very useful thing to say.

Unknown said...

Returning the compliment. Thanks for visiting my Blog, and I think yours is quite funny. I'll put it on my list to visit regularly.

Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

You are lucky. My daughter is calling her child SEQUIN! Well, I am not taking that child to the park. Ever. And what if it's a boy!?
She's only 6 so I have time to instill some taste in her hopefully. x

Sarah said...

I think so too E ;)

Thank you Hp - it's will be lovely to see you here anythime.

Haha, sequin beats Shaniqua (but possibly not the others) sadly Miss Mac is nearly 14 and I'm not sure if she is joking or deadly serious Emma :)