Friday, 22 March 2013

A Photo For Friday

So I've been sooo busy this week that I forgot I've was supposed to be trying to kid you that I'm taking this photography thing a bit seriously but I did manage to snap this one of Miss Mac doing a little Mac Yogi (phrase coined by the other Sarah Mac over a  Slapdash Mama who can do some pretty interesting things with a bathroom sink).

The only thing I probably should have done to edit this photo was vacuum first really!

Obviously anything Miss Mac can do I can do too but the photo she took of me frankly made my arse look so huge that I swiftly hit the delete button.

I'm really excited because I'm off to visit friends this weekend.  SD, bless him, very sweetly bought me some snacks to take on the train and also wrote me a list so I don't forget anything.

On the list it says: 'take warm clothes and don't forget to eat' - I did tell him I wasn't a child and he said, 'No you're not, you're a fucking idiot and that's why I write you lists' - So romantical don't you think?

Anyway, I can't hang around here gassing you know, I have things to do!

Have a fantastic weekend whatever you're doing, and, if it's shite then take comfort in the fact that I will be having a ball (which is almost as good isn't it???).


Anonymous said...

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SlapdashMama said...

So bloody FLEXIBLE! Good lord. Have a great weekend Fudgie xx

Sarah said...

Lol NS - did you leave the anon comment too? I'd much rather have your GHD's ;) (I'm going to leave it - SO appropriate for me!)

Hypermobility runs in the family - it's a blessing and a curse :).

A great weekend is on the cards - hope yours is fab too xx

Anonymous said...

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AGuidingLife said...

Funny really, my OH has been away for 2 weeks and a number of days I've found myself hungry and thought ' ah yes food, knew there was something else I had to do'. Was trying to remember the last time I ate meat. No idea.

Enjoy your break away x

Sarah said...

Loving the anon comments it looks like the blogger spam filter is on strike again!

I completely forget to eat if I don't have anyone around to remind me K. I must be missing that hunger trigger or something. Im quite happy to survive on the odd piece of toast left to myself

SlapdashMama said...

I'm getting lots of weird spam too! Hahahahahaha! That anon comment wasn't me but I wish it was! Funny as!

Sarah said...

They are great aren't they (although Im wondering if Im being targeted and am starting to get a little paranoid!)