Thursday, 20 June 2013

I Am Not The Alien - The Lounge Addition

This week The Lounge is being hosted by Robomum and the topic is Ranting and Raving.

Well, I struggled a bit at first - I seriously couldn't think of anything to rant about so I took a  quick look through some past posts to see if I had anything that fitted the bill.

I found this and I remembered my frustration when I first started using my new phone.  I could barely get the bloody thing to switch on let alone DO anything with it.

This is a transcript of the very first text conversation I had on my Android:

I Am Not The Alien - It's An Effing Android!!!

Today I had my arm twisted  decided it was about time I stopped being such a whoose  and started using my 'new' phone (hmmm, that would actually be the one I got for Christmas!).

Yep, I can do this,  how hard can it possibly it be?

Judge for yourself. This is the conversation I had earlier with, well, lets just call him M (you KNOW who you are!).

M: How's your evening going - are you having fun with your new phone :)

Me: Not er

Me: Fuck

M: Lots of swearing today Mrs Mac!!!

Me: ,

M: And random commas?

Me: Lol, bastard phl

Me: Lp

Me: Fuck it

M: It's amazing - every swear word is spelt perfectly!!

Me: Whag

Me: ,

Me: B

Me: N

Me: N

Me: N

M:  What? - It's like talking to a demented alien!

Me: Haha, I give up! C

M: Don't give up - are you trying to type on a phone type keypad?

Me: No

M: On a proper qwerty keypad?

Me: Yes fuckin thing

M: You must have very fat fingers to type that badly - turn the phone sideways

Me: ok tg

Me: Fuck off my finbers arent fat

Me: Finbers

Me: Arse, fongerz

I think that went pretty well really ...............


Unknown said...

I have heaps of problems with my finbers too. ALL the time. Often I leave my autocorrects these days cos they turn out more amusing to me than my originally intended words. Be the alien. Embrace her.

Sarah said...

I will Kim - I do!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have that problem too! I am a one finger typist on the phone as well. I just leave the spelling errors now - people need to keep up with the phone/pad vocab.

Sarah said...

I see these people frantically texting with their thumbs Robomum and I have NO idea how they do it!!! I like the spell check on my phone, it changes 'decking' to 'fecking' and inserts 'tits' every time I type an x - no idea why ;-)

Anonymous said...

Baahaha fongerz! I'm not too bad on my iPhone but I turn into a similarly retarded alien on the odd occasions I have to use my partner's phone. Which is an Android...

Coincidence? I think not ;)

Ness said...

I still have a crappy old Nokia. If I ever get tsomething new, I'll probably never work it out anway, as I'm a hopeless technophobe.