Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Lounge - The Pub and Phone Edition

So today we are freestyling over at The Lounge with Slapdash Mama the only stipulation is that you use the word bacon in your post - well, thats me done then ;-)

Seriously though, normally Id be like a pig in muck, positively revelling in pithy porcine prose but to be honest, Im more just in the shit!

Bloody tinternet STILL isnt working at home and I am blogging from my phone people!!!

I may or may not have spell check. I may or may not be able to publish this.  It'll be a bloody miricle if I can link it to either the Fudge FB page OR The Lounge but I am nothing if not game (which BACON is not incidently).

I have SO much to tell you but Im fairly sure that Im going to spend an hour typing all this just for it to disappear without a trace so Im just going to give you a few highlights.

* No internet = spotless house and immaculate garden.

* Items found under Miss Macs bed = 7 empty water bottles, 12 used makeup wipes, 1 very dusty malteaser ( brifely considered eating it) and 27p which I am keeping!

* whilst I maintain that anyone CAN where leggings Im not sure anyone SHOULD with a crop top and heels (but I shall refrain from telling the girl Im looking at).

* I have NO room to judge having apparently bought myself a tabbard in mistake for a dress

* I love bacon almost as much ( but not quite) as I hate blogging from my phone!!

I will return with a proper post at some point - bear with me ...


SlapdashMama said...

You did it! Did you download the Blogger app? It's crap but needs must.
God I wish the Internet would go belly up at my place, so desperate am I to regain some control over the sty that it has become.
Too hard. Will look at Twitter instead.
xxx x

Emily @ Have a laugh on me said...

I say bloody great effort from you phone - I don't have the patience!!! And I think I need my internet to die so I can get some shit done around here - have a great weekend Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I think you should always blog from your phone. "Miricle"s do happen! And dusty malteaser = a little bit ewww and a little bit tempting. (How do you spell malteser? I have no idea.)

Sarah said...

God, there's a blogger app?? Will take a look as problem still ongoing! housework is HARD when its done right. Found myself cleaning the bathroom ceiling with sugar soap and bleach before 8.30 this morning, I'm scaring myself NS!!! xx

Thanks Emily, you too! I'm off to the races so fingers crossed for some sunshine :-)

I've no idea either RE, I can't deny WAS a little tempted to eat it... blogging from my phone is torture, I almost prefer the cleaning ;-)