Monday, 12 May 2014

Maybe She's Born With It

Miss Mac and I share many of the same traits.  I guess it's something to do with sharing the same gene pool.  Ok, technically she shares mine but I'm a great believer in nurture over nature and I think many of her characteristics may have rubbed off on me.

I'm sure she does share some traits with her father ....  wind perhaps ....  But overall she is very much my girl.

On Friday she came home from school, things have calmed down a bit now the Mocks are over for her GCSE's next year and she's taken English and French a year early so hopefully the results will be good which takes a little of the pressure off.

In English they have been studying various authors and on Friday they had been discussing the book Chaos Walking the author of which is called Patrick Ness.

'Geddit Mum, Patrick Ness - Mr P Ness!!!

We both laugh hysterically at this until tears pour down our faces (I mean, SERIOUSLY??) while SD looks on apparently singularly unimpressed.

Eventually we compose ourselves apart from the odd snort and then SD says, 'well, at last they didn't call him Lock'.

Miss Mac and I look at each other blankly and then look at SD.

'What's funny about being called P Lock  ...?'

We both shake our heads confused.

Oh, he meant Loch Ness ...  Sorry SD but you can't join our club with that one ;-).

It reminded me of a post I wrote way back when (yes, when I used to be funny!) about peoples names and how some parents clearly don't think before they land their offspring with names that will haunt them forever.

I mean honestly, who in their right minds calls their child Christopher when their surname is Peacock?  It's always going to be shortened to Chris isn't it? (and yes, Ex Lax did indeed work with a Mr Chris Peacock).

I worked with a girl called Carrie a few years ago.  When she suddenly announced she was double barrelling her first name with her middle name Ann. We were all a little confused until it transpired that she was getting married and her husband to be's surname was Hiscock (personally it would have been a deal breaker for me but I guess she loved the guy).

Some people go completely the other way though.  When Ex Lax's ex got married she decided to double barrel her surname as people sometimes do and she went from being Diane White to Mrs Diane White-Cummings - I have NO words ...  nope, none at all ...


Roan said...

This post and the previous post gave me a good chuckle this morning. It's Monday. Not easy to do. :)

joeh said...

I coached a kid on my little league team named Mike Hunter. I called him Mickey.

Sarah said...

Glad I brightened up your morning a little Roan :-)

Good call Joe!

Beth said...

LOL!! Your posts always make me smile!

Carmen said...

I literally cannot stop saying "Carrie Hiscock"


Sarah said...

I'm glad Beth, I know things are tough where you are right now so if I make you smile it's all worth while :-)

I know Carmen, I KNOW right and yet ... It's true! - I used to struggle daily with it when I worked with her.