Monday, 6 October 2014


You know what I HATE??

I really hate people being UNKIND!!

I was perusing FB this morning when I saw this post on a local buy and sell site:

'Dues engine on here no a man with a van has to be cheep just to pick up a three peace and table from wellington and to bring to taunton'

OK, so the spelling and grammar leave a little to be desired but the message is clear and I could understand what this lady was saying.

A few comments down (where people were offering to help) I came across THIS comment:

' How can anyone understand this? 
Terrible English.'

It was followed by the lady who wrote the post saying:


To which the commenter replied:

'Think you mean pardon! 
Your English is awful, at least try to post stuff on here that people can understand.'

Maybe it's something to do with the fact that it's peeing down with rain here and that always leaves me out of sorts but I was INCENSED - totally outraged on this poor woman's behalf - how DARE someone take a pot shot at her just because she struggles with literacy!!!

So I responded and said:

'I think you should remove your extremely unkind comments and show this lady some respect!'

I struggle to walk on the other side when I see something like this and it does occasionally get me into situations that I'd rather not be in but this was such an unwarranted, gratuitous attack on an innocent person just looking for help that I couldn't help myself.

Seriously, WHAT A BITCH!!!

She then came back with:

 'It's not hard to write with correct English grammer! 
Most annoying.
I shall not remove, its a public post and I have freedom of speech.'

Yes you do, you also have the right to remain a bitch, you have the right to feel superior if that's what floats your boat but personally I don't think you have the right to abuse others on a public forum when you know nothing about them or their circumstances.

I chose to bow out at this point, I chose NOT to point out the grammatical inconsistencies or spelling error in HER comment, I chose to let her wallow in her own superior bile and I also choose to continue to think that she is a BITCH!


Brighton Pensioner said...

Good on you, girl! Both for getting involved and then bowing out leaving the b**** thinking herself the winner when, in fact, you are.

Sarah said...

Thanks BP - some people ... Anyway, I'm pleased to say that the comments have been removed (probably by the site admin)but it leave a nasty taste.

joeh said...

I suspect this is not a very happy person...by choice. It is useless to debate them. i would just respond, "Well aren't you nice, and miserable which gives me much pleasure! Oh and i will not look for your responce...done."

Sarah said...

I suspect you are right Joe - there has just been another comment left by someone keen to jump on the troll wagon saying that they are glad their children won't be going to the same school as the lady who wrote the original post - I'm very tempted to say that personally I would be far more worried by the influences and example those children are being set at home (but I won't).